The FIRE HORSE...A toxic Mix?

topic posted Tue, March 11, 2008 - 11:37 PM by  Robin
The Fire Horse will not come around again until 2026..

When it came around in 1966....Pandemonium ensued...

The Fire Horse is a feisty combination considered so dangerous,expecially for girls,that it caused the abortion rate in Asia to sky rocket..

I thought this was very interesting and had to share.....If anyone has more info on this I would love to see it...
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    I think this is an interesting topic too. Unfortunatley I have no information this is the first time I have heard of this. In china they really base a lot on chinese astrology though. In dragon and monkey years birth rates sky rocket. In tiger years they are reluctant to have girls because they are afraid that they will be "unlady like" or too forceful.
    • What do they think of the Pisces Metal pig I wonder...that is me weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
      My daughter is a Sag Monkey..
      My son a Scorpio Snake
      My youngest an Aquarius Dog..
      My b.f is a Fire Dragon ..

      I know alot of Tigers.......
      Thanks for the info..~smile~
  • I'm a virgo fire horse, and when I was young, my sister's friend told me that not only were female fire horses considered to be bad luck, but if you were also a virgo, they would drown the baby. I don't know where she got this information and I've never come across it again.

    My family has had it's share of tragedy. Hopefully not because of me...

    However, I have read that the fire horse person themselves may have very good luck, or very bad. I like to believe we create our own, but interesting stuff.

    That's all I know.
    • Well I am glad to see that you being a Virgo Fire Horse...that they did not drown you LOL ....

      Thank you for sharing....if you come across any info that seem srelevant....or interesting...please do share.....this is a facinating topic....
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    The year the fire horse students came in I worked at a Japanese girls's high school.

    The fire horse girls coming to the school were talked about by educators, parents, students et al. In Japan, there was then a at least a folklore belief in fire horse.

    As for danger caused by fire horse... I believe there is only one fact fire horse related that is true ... pregnant women aborted their pregnancy at a rate higher than the average in other years. Those pregnant women were not fire horses but maybe did they feel in their uterus a hot female kicker that they did not want to spend time, money, love and energy. It could be a long time together fire horses are hard to get married. A folklore belief of parents of men is that fire horse women are not good wife material...

    I personally know only one 1966 fire horse woman; she is single. In her case she decided to use fire horse to her advantage, she could be free to express her opinion, beliefs, desires to her male bosses, teachers etc. The men demured to their own beliefs... she is a firehorse! She is still younger than my rat sister who married at 45!

    In Japan there is a negative birthrate. The women (other than fire horse) born in late babyboom and early generation x chose not to marry or to be mothers. Is the fire horse generational more than individual?
    • I'm a proud female Fire Horse. From a very early age I saw motherhood as a trap. When women get married and they are working, they end up with the equivalent of a part-time job and if kids come along, a full-time job in addition to the job they already have. No thank you! One full-time job is enough. I am married though I'll be honest, however this ends and I'm still on this earth I will not do that again.

      I know one other fire horse female who is way more religous than I am but struggles with herself in her marriage.
      • I am a male fire horse and I can't believe how much the description fits me . I am quite sceptical about anything that does not come from within us. I do find it hard to live with especially as I get older but I don't.I am as fierce and passionate as I was when I was a bring it on.
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    When it came around in 1966....Pandemonium ensued...

    Yeah, England won the world cup.
    Utter Pandemonium ha ha ha ha ha.

    In this modern day, marriages have become a farce. Perhaps the fire horses will be better suited in the more fast paced modern era than to before.... who knows.
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    You know, there is this great fear in the general masses about the Horse year in general, in their fear that the girls would end up with a horrible life once born, that they will have horrible husbands, and children, but this is all completely unfounded, and not warranted. It's very sad that so many precious children were aborted for this reason only.

    Most Asian cultures were generally agrarian in the past, and the horse represents movement and the "peach blossom star", which generally denotes being sexually attractive to the other sex (and sometimes also to one's own sex). Nowadays, most people say that if you don't have this star, you're not going to succeed as a celebrity. However, back in the days when the patriarchy was much stronger, these were considered "negative traits" for a female to have, as those with the "horse" tended to move around a lot (go out to work and bring home the bread), and because it was considered that women should not have any place in society other than as a "faithful wife and mother."

    Now, these qualities are considered good for anyone who wants to succeed, and to have aborted all those poor children is absolutely horrible.

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