what sign is everyone?

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just curious to see who's out there...
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    i notice that quite a few people also put in their western astrology signs...does it make a difference?
    • Only if you embrace both schools...
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        And even more. Those whose personalities are most affected by the moon will find Chinese astrology more revealing. If Western astrology pegs you more solidly than Chinese, the sun has a greater influence in your life. Looking at both can give you some interesting insights.

        Gong Hay Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Rooster!
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          I'm a...

          Fire Dragon
          Moon-Aries (i never thought iw as typical virgo, but i AM a typical dragon).
          Capricorn Rising.

          Fascinating all this stuff.
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    western, Sagg, cap/sagg rising, Aries moon, venus scorpio
    • Eastern: Year of the Metal Monkey, month of the Pig, hour of the Rooster

      Western: Scorpio, Gemini rising, Aquarius moon.
      • Fire Dragon! But muted by Pisces sun (but on the cusp with Aries! March 19) - no wonder i'm so moody! :-) Aquarius rising (what does that mean?) and Scorpio Moon.

        Not quite sure if I followed other threads quite right - is there more refining of Chinese zodiac besides Year and element?

        • Har har. here I am about to contribute my sign-info to the post...and who do I see but my dragon-buddy Showing. Howdy Show...

          Here's my info (as far as I know it)

          Hour -- male/fire/red/dog
          Day -- male/metal/white/rat
          Month -- female/wood/green/chicken
          Year -- male/metal/white/dog

          A calculator for generating this info can be found at

          If anyone can tell me what my inofrmation says about me, I would love to hear it. I worked for a woman who had a lot of experience with BaZi / 4-Pillars astrology, and I learned a little about it, but I didn't stick around long enough to learn much.
          • hey ya!

            So complicated!

            This is what I got:

            Hour: male soil / brown tiger
            Day: male metal / white horse
            Month: female metal / white rabbit
            Year: male fire / red dragon

            ? what does it all mean?
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          There is more than one system. The one I use gives you five elements: your year gives you two-the fixed element of your animal sign and then the changeable element of the particular year you were born. Then the elements of your hour, month and nation of birth. This provides 5 elements that are looked at for balance. Then we look at the big 3: changeable year element, hour and month.

          There are, as previously stated, other systems: Daoist 4 Pillar, for instance.
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            Water, Rabbit, Scorpio Sun, Sag moon , Virgo Rising
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              mmm this is fun <grin> sooo can anyone tell me how I find out if I'm Yin or yang and also how do you find out the month and the hour of your chinese horoscope? Im a rabbit but an atypical one for sure coz like, for example, I'm not a homebody at all--very social and like while I do not like confrontation, I can deal with it among other things I have read about rabbits. So say how do I find out why I'm not the typical bunny
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                Well, Ms. Diva, just gie us your stats and we'll figure it out for you. Date of birth, hour and nation.
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                  OK thanks--here are my stats
                  DOB: November 18, 1963
                  Hour: 1:37 am
                  Nation USA
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    you were born in a yin water Rabbit Year.
                    The fixed element of the Rabbit is wood.
                    The hours of the Ox (water).
                    The month of the Boar (water).
                    And in the USA, a Monkey nation (metal)

                    Your elements are water, wood, water, water, metal. No earth, no fire. Had you been born into a traditional Chinese family, your name would have had earth and fire characters drawn into it for balance.

                    Because you were born in a water year, you'll have a better than average ability to communicate. Noticing trends and gauging future potentials are another strong water suit. But because it's yin water, beware of being too conciliatory and of always taking the easy way out.

                    The preponderance of water in your elements indiates that you'll be happiest in people-related businesses: psychology, sales, public relations, anything that requires person-to-person contact.

                    Now, the water rabbit can be fragile and emotional, unable to tolerate harassment or unpleasantness. You'll have an excellent memory and a strong mind (and perhaps be sorta telepathic). You prolly also hold onto old injuries, tend to dwell in the past, and sometimes fall into self-pity. When you're in a bad mood, you suspect the motives of others and become uncommunicative but you surely have many friends and admirers who will support you strongly when you're in a pinch (although that may surprise you).

                    The Ox in you makes you act with more authority and strength than the typical water Rabbit, and you have a better than average chance (for Rabbits) of being wildly successfull in your endeavors.
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                      So, you see, it's all the water that makes you more social than the average Rabbit, and the Ox influence that makes you more outgoing.
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                        Nov 2 1959 9:07pm Pacific in California
                        • If you have time, I too would like to hear what your system says about me.

                          Sept17, 1970. 7:34pm Central in Austin, TX.

                          Thank you.
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                            You're kidding me, too, aren'tcha? I saw this coming...

                            Born in a yang metal Dog year.
                            The fixed element of the Dog is metal.
                            Hours of the Dog
                            Month of the Dog
                            USA is Monkey (metal).

                            Elements: metal, metal, metal, metal, metal. And, fwiw, all yang metal.

                            Adjectives for metal Dogs: unwavering, critical, high-minded, charitable, devoted, and ruthless. You're born under the moon that Tibetans call the Iron Dog. The Iron Dog (as a person) can be very good, or very bad, primarily because he takes himself much too seriously and therefore dedicates himself either to goodness or badness with a blind zeal. Very loyal, but particularly vicious when betrayed.

                            Being born in the hours of the Dog kinda amplifies this. Dogs born in these hours frequently see themselves to be revolutionaries and will look for causes to champion if they don't already have one. On the negative side, they may also use their revolutionary status to justify whatever they do.
                            • "You're kidding me, too, aren'tcha? I saw this coming..."

                              Just the response one loves to hear from the person making their chart...
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                                "You're kidding me, too, aren'tcha? I saw this coming..."

                                Just the response one loves to hear from the person making their chart...

                                Sorry, Dave, it's just rare for me to get these multiples. Dog, dog, dog, dog, monkey. Pig, pig,'s like y'all looked them up first just to make me go, "Aw..c'mon."

                                But, if it's any consolation, whenever a Western astrologer looks at my chart, they get a funny look and say, "Ooooooo...." in a really odd tone of voice.
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                          You're teasing, right? With these stats, you

                          Were born in a yin earth Boar year
                          The fixed element of the Boar is water
                          Born in the hours of the Boar (water)
                          The month of the Boar (water)
                          And the USA-a Monkey nation (metal).

                          So you're a pig-pig-pig-pig-monkey and your elements are earth, water, water, water, metal. No fire, no wood.

                          The earth Boar is a "peaceful, sensitive and happy type...who may have enough sense to benefit himself." That, directly from T. Lau. Other adjectives for the earth Boar are: productive, finanically responsible, steady, patient, devoted and diligent.

                          Earth Boars have a tendency towards overweight, particularly because of their fondness for food and drink, but they're not worried about it, either. Reasonably ambitious, kind, thoughtful and reliable.

                          Being born in the hours of the Boar can suppress many of these fine qualities; Boars need mentors, others to discover, foster and refine these talents.
                          • omigosh Patrick, you ROCK!! do mine, do mine!!

                            March 19, 1976
                            New Hampshire

                            we have the same birthday!! March 19!! If we're doing Western, that means we're on the cusp of Pisces/Aries - even though I'm also a Dragon, I don't feel like I'm much Aries/firey, etc.

                            thank you!
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                              Okay, Showing:

                              Your'e a yang fire Dragon.
                              The fixed element of all Dragons is wood.
                              Born in the hour of the Tiger (wood)
                              and the month of the Rabbit (wood)
                              and the USA-Monkey (metal)

                              Elements: fire, wood, wood, wood, metal. No earth, no water. I'd suggest that we rename you Mud, but A) I've already told that joke too many times, and B) you're a fire Dragon with a Tiger ascendant.

                              Adjectives for fire Dragons: outgoing, competitive, demanding, agressive, energetic, overzealous, dictatorial, short tempered, inconsiderate.

                              Fire Dragons have a tendency to have superiority complexes, and while they have fine leadership abilities, those are sometimes marred by the fact that many fire Dragons think they're God (or at least give that impression).

                              Behind all that is a truthful, impartial and humane soul with great powers of objectivity. It's just that he secretly (or openly) wants to rule the world and can't figure out why everyone else thinks that's a bad idea.

                              The Tiger influence adds an emotionality to it all that can lead to fits of hysteria when things don't go your way. The yang fire of your Dragon, however, probably takes the wild impulsiveness of the Tiger and turns it into workaholism.
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    metal dog, 1970, chest tat pic of "dog" in this tribe album
    • Pisces Pig with a Scorpio Moon and Virgo Rising.
      • I'm sorry, but they must have lied to you about your birth year. I have never in my life seen so beautiful a Pisces Pig. You sure you're not a Cat?

        • Thanks, but yep I'm an Oinker all the way. Though I've been told that my personality is more that of a Dragon.
          • I can see the dragon......dragons are a very sensuous animal.

            So have you noticed the descriptions listed under the Pig to fit you?
            • I think that pigs are supposed to be loyal and domestic and I am both of those things. But I don't think I am passive and I hear that is a pig trait.
              • Here is what I wrote on the pig/boar in an article:

                Seeks peace and harmony, and prefers to let fights die down rather than fueling them. If there must be a fight, a Boar fights fair. He/she is truly the 'nice guy', simple, honest and trustworthy. Yet the Boar is also known to avidly pursue pleasure, and must be careful to avoid excess. He/she is a good listener, and unjudgemental. At worst, the pursuit of pleasure can become obsessive, and has a great difficulty saying 'No' ..
                • hmm If I can pick and choose then that is me. The pleasure/excess part is sure right also the non judgemental trait is for sure me, but some who know me might not agree that I am simple or that I just let fights die down.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Well, Yuni, like Western Astrology, the sign of your year is not the only part of Chinese Astrology. There is also a sign for the hour, etc. A true Chinese Astrologer would put together a chart that was much more in depth than I could ever do, although there are a few decent Chinese Astrology software programs available that do some more detailed charting.
                    • JW
                      offline 14
                      Wood Monkey


                      Sun - Aries/Taurus Cusp, Eleventh House
                      Ascendant - Gemini
                      Moon - Aries/Pisces Cusp, Tenth House
                      • So I looked it up, I'm a Metal Pig and the description seemed to fit pretty well.
                        • That's cool.

                          I'm a metal Rabbit (or Cat, depending which version of the zodiac you look into), and Rabbits are supposed to get along quite well with Pigs. :)

                          So nice to meet you, Yuni.
                          • Same to you Zane
                            • im wondering if the astroguru *patrick* is still out there somewhere??
                              do you have time fer lil ole me??
                              i was born on september 7th , 1978 in montreal, la belle 2:28pm
                              makes me a virgo horse with sagg ascend. scorpio moon and venus
                              but id love know more on the chinese tip...
                              thanks ...if you will..!!!
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                                I'd be pleased, although I'm far from being a guru.

                                You were born in a yang earth Horse year.
                                The fixed element of Horses is fire.
                                Hours of the sheep (fire)
                                Month of the Rooster (metal)

                                I need some help with the 5th element...what date did Canada become an independent nation, no longer a crown colony?
                                • Patrick,
                                  Thank you for being so generous with your information!

                                  I went on to the chinese astrology page listed earlier in this thread and found it said that I was:

                                  Hour: Male fire red rat
                                  Day: Female wood green pig
                                  Month: Male metal white dragon
                                  Year: Male metal white dog

                                  I'm also: Taurus sun, venus, mercury, and saturn
                                  Sag moon
                                  Cap rising

                                  Born April 25, 1970 in Redmond Oregon at 12:18am
                                  Would you have any insight???
                                  Thanks in advance,
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                                    For Rae

                                    You were born in a yang metal dog year.
                                    The fixed element of the dog is metal.
                                    Born in the hours of the Rat (water)
                                    The Month of the Dragon (wood)
                                    And the USA is a monkey nation (metal)

                                    So, your elements are metal, metal, water, wood, metal.

                                    Lots of metal, no fire or earth. In a traditional Chinese family, your name would have these elements added in the characthers used to draw it.

                                    Dogs are stable people, but tend to have a fairly dismal outlook on life. Being a metal dog and also make you highly critical of others and unwavering in your convictions. The Rat in you makes you loving, but not necessarily giving. It also can make dogs greedy.
                                    • Re: For Rae


                                      Thank you so much! I was wondering if you think that tattoos representing the missing elements would help to balance the energies since we don't come from a culture that names to balance (though I take Rae to have to do with the sun/light, would that qualify as fire?)? Just currious what your take on that would be.
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                                        Re: For Rae

                                        Hmmm...tattoos, eh? Why not? It seems as valid as a name change. Although incorporating the missing elements is not as big a deal as it may sound. With all the metal in your chart, one would encourage you to take up metal and/or water based industries and avoid fire and earth based ones (or, if you can't avoid them, to understand that they may bring you conflict). I seriously doubt that a name change or a tattoo will result in emotional balancing, for that I'd suggest meditation or counseling.

                                        Remember that any kind of horoscope just gives you guidelines, little peeks into some personality basics. Rising above them, rather than letting them rule your life, is the key. F'rinstance, another thread on this tribe recently bemoans 'astrologically doomed relationships'. Any relationship can be a resounding success or a dismal failure depending on the maturity, level of committment and communication skills of the parties involved, whether it's astrologically a great match or a train wreck. Horoscopes, however, can point at some things that sensitive individuals can use to enhance (or destroy) a relationship.

                                        Well, enough of that. If you want tattoos for balance, please get them! And send me pictures! I love tattoos!
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                                  You were born in a yang earth Horse year.
                                  The fixed element of Horses is fire.
                                  Hours of the sheep (fire)
                                  Month of the Rooster (metal)
                                  Canada is a Rabbit Nation (wood)

                                  You only need water for balance.

                                  Now, the Horse is known for moodiness and inconsistency, fickle in romance, etc. etc. Earth Horses are more logical and precise and are less abrupt (yet you still, like most horses, like to take your time making a decision). The sheep in you makes you less boisterous, more harmonious and compassionate that the average Horse.
                                  • Hi Patrick I would love it if you could share some of that knowledge with me too. I was born March 16th 5:07PM 1971 in Mexico City, Mexico
                                    I know I am year of the Pig but I know nothing about the month, hour or nation or what it all means. I'd love to know.


                                    • for patrick:
                                      your so awesome and generous with your knowledge,,,as you can see you are quite saught after and must be in your chart...
                                      i was just doing abit of checking into my westrn chart and i have some water in there with the scorpio,,{although i always associate with scorpio with fire!}
                                      so that means im perfect!!haha,,such a horsey thing to say!!!
                                      thanx again
                                      • Unsu...
                                        You probably hear that a lot, dontcha? You're describing a trap that many people fall into. Crossing platforms (trying to fit an element from Western into Asian astrology) just doesn't work. The elements may have the same names, but they mean different things. Your elements are earth, fire, fire, metal and wood, so you're pretty well-balanced already-for a Horse, anyway. ;)

                                        And we are all perfect. Perfect for who we are at this particular moment. Our lives have shaped us for now, so we really couldn't be anything other than what we are. And what we are is perfection.
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                                      Hi, Yuni

                                      You were born in a yin metal boar year.
                                      The fixed element of the boar is water
                                      Hours of the Rooster (metal)
                                      Month of the Rabbit (wood)
                                      And Mexico is a Snake nation (the Constitution was ratified on 1/1/1917)-fire

                                      So, your elements are metal, water, metal, wood and fire. Just need earth for balance.

                                      Okay, the 5 elements are just looked at for overall balance. You're not all loaded up with one element and only missing one, so the basic read is that you're fairly well balanced.

                                      The big three are year of birth (fixed and moveable element), hours of birth and month.

                                      The year of birth gives us 2 elements: for you it's metal and water. The basic horoscope that you read on placemats, etc. is based on the fixed element (water for Boars). The moveable element-the one for the particular year you were born in (metal) as well as the hours and month add to the reading.

                                      Boars are honest, simple, brave and reliable, but prone to hedonism (and in extreme cases, depravity). Overall the word for Boars is 'kindness'. But you're a metal Boar, so let's add overpoweringly sentimental, intense, extroverted and not particularly tactful to the mix. You're probably not a very good loser, but you're ambitious and reliable.

                                      Boars have a tendency not to value themselves very highly and the Rooster in you doesn't help. Boars born during the hours of the Rooster tend towards the impractical and frequently wind up doing much too much for little or nothing in return.

                                      Your ascendant is the Rabbit, which will add a tranquility to your basic personality, as well as a modicum of good judgement and/or scholastic aptitude. But it may make you a bit moodier than the average Boar, and as our bunny friends tend to be slow to make decisions and reticent to act (even in their own behalf) it could be an indicator of fairly low self-esteem when combined with the fairly low value Boars tend to give themselves. Now, that sounds like a contradiction-tranquility and low self-esteem-but it really just adds up to non-assertiveness.
                                      • Unsu...

                                        Re: Hi, Yuni

                                        oops..the Mexican Constitution was ratifed on the 31st of Jan, not the first. Slip of the finger. The animal attribution is correct, my typing just sucks this morning.
  • water rat with a rabbit rising;)
    • Hi everybody! I'm new here, and very impressed with all the great information I have found so far!

      Here are my signs.......

      Western: Scorpio sun/rising
      Virgo moon
      Stellium in Libra
      Eastern: Always known that I'm a Metal Monkey
      Discovered recently I'm a Dragon rising

      I just checked out the recommended site, and this is what I found out: Hour of the Male Earth Brown Dragon
      Day of the Female Earth Brown Rabbit
      Month of the Male Fire Red Dog
      Year of the Male Metal White Monkey

      Not too sure what hour, day, and the month indicates :(
      If anyone can help me interpret what it all means, or recommend a good site that helps, I would really appreciate it!

      Nice to meet you all, and hopefully some of us can be friends!

      • Unsu...

        Hi, Mary!

        Glad to have a new face at Tribe! The system I use requires hour of birth and does not use day, but I can give you a few things from what you've listed:

        Earth Dragons-Dragons tend, more than most of the other animals, to have control issues. The polite way to say that is "autocratic". Earth Dragons tend to have fewer of these issues overall, but are compelled to have control over their environment and associates. The Earth element, however, makes this a dragon who is fair, appreciative, realistic, stable and sometimes a bit impersonal. Which also means that you're probably a bit less dictatorial than other Dragons. You're also probably a hard worker, especially when it comes to developing your skills or self-improvement, with reasonable goals. Earth Dragons do not have the quick tempers associated with other Dragons, but can lash out pretty quickly when their dignity is offended.

        The month of the Dog, eh? This is a very intense combination, as both signs are full of strength and magnetism. Many born under this combination find themselves drawn to gross excess. To the point where it's detrimental. Do you remember the old nursery rhyme, "There once was a little girl, with a little curl right in the center of her forehead"? In case you don't, the remainder goes, "When she was good she was very, very good. And when she was bad, she was horrid." A very good descriptor of the possibilities of the Dragon born in the month of the Dog.
        • Unsu...
          Wait a minute: you said month of the Dog. I really should wait for the caffeine to kick in before responding to these things. I tend to think of Scorpios as being born in the month of the Boar (most of them are) and that's really the reading I gave you. Dragon year, Dog month people are more like Librans than Scorpios. Not fearsome at all, or tormented with guilt. Still very magnetic with lots of drive, but sometimes not as dependable. Keywords: honest, frank, and uninhibited.

          Sorry about the confusion.
          • Hi Patrick!!

            Thank you so much for describing what that all meant to me. Your interpretations, wow! Right on the mark ;)

            I really cracked up when I read the part about "the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead", mother happened to find that very nursery rhyme in a book when I was a small child, and still has it to this day. She says that it described me perfectly, and still recites it to me often :P I know that it was the wrong interpretation, but I thought I might share that with you just the same!

            Strange how eastern astrology and western astrology complement each other so well. In eastern astrology, my Scorpio sun is heavily diluted by Libra's influence - I have 4 planets, and 3 asteroids in Libra!! Looks like I am more a Libra type in eastern astrology as well.

            Thanks again Patrick!! Say, you really should cash in on your skills as an astrologer ;) It would be worth every penny!
  • Hello! New here... I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I was curious.

    I'm a tiger. Not sure what element though... Will someone spread their love... I mean knowledge with me? ;P

    Born on Sept. 18, 1986 at 11:55 PM in Auburn, Washington.
    • Unsu...
      Hi, Leah!

      You were born in a yang fire Tiger year. The fixed element of the Tiger is wood. Born in the hours of the Rat (water) the month of the Rooster (metal) and the USA (a Monkey nation-metal).

      Your elements are fire, wood, water, metal, metal. Had you been born in a traditional Chinese family, they would have drawn your name with earthy characters to give you the balance of the one element you're missing. But it's not a biggie, really.

      Fire Tigers are known for their boundless enthusiasm and energy. They have an innate ability to live in the now, and to do that flamboyantly. Keywords: expressive, electric, expressive, theatrical. The Rat in you can be expressed as a loving nature behind the Tiger's hotheadedness. You could be the kind of person who might pick a fight just for the pleasure of making up later.
      • Thank you Patrick!
        • Unsu...
          My pleasure.
          • JW
            offline 14
            Patrick, pretty sure born in Monkey year 1944, April 20, 9:30 Muskogee, OK, but the rest, where do you look it up?
            • Unsu...
              Hokey dokey, AM it is.

              As previous, you were born in a yang wood Monkey year, the fixed element of the Monkey is metal. Hours of the Snake (fire), month of the Dragon (wood) and the USA is a Monkey (metal nation).

              You elements are: wood, metal, fire, wood, metal. Missing earth and water...perhaps we should name you Mud?

              Wood Monkeys are known to be good communicators, but generally aren't as nosy as other Monkeys, preferring to mind their own business. Honorable yet restless, the Wood Monkey has a strong pioneering spirit and an acute awareness of his surroundings (and the opportunities they provide). This resourceful Monkey has admirable standards and likes orderliness in his life.

              There, in my best horoscope book style!
  • aloha,

    just joined the tribe.

    i was born may 13, 1961 2007est usa, which, according to a chinese astrology reference we have in the house, means i am a metal ox born in the hour of the dog.

    • Unsu...
      Yup. Additionally, you were born in the month of the Snake and the USA is a Monkey Nation.

      Your elements are metal (1961), water (fixed sign of the Ox), metal (Dog), fire (Snake) and metal (USA-Monkey).

      namaste right back!
      • Which person can help me; lost in the world of chinese astrology.
        Is the 4 pilarsmethod a method to help you to find out more about the chinese sign and if so is the yearsign just a general impression? Would appreciate an answer
        • Unsu...
          Claire, both are complete systems. Many say that 4 Pillars has more detailed information, but yearsign with the elements is quite good, too! And, from what I've seen, they're really not all that different. Keep in mind, however, that I have little experience with 4 pillars.
      • aloha,

        mahalo! i now know that may is the month of the snake. i knew that the usa was monkey but the book i've been referencing says that 1776 is year of the fire monkey so i've always thought usa was fire monkey but i see here referenced as metal. are they both correct? or did that book mess up on something?

        have a beautiful day!
        • Unsu...
          Both are true, kai. 1776 was a fire monkey year, but the FIXED element of the Monkey is metal. I was taught to use the fixed element for balance.
          • awesome!

            ok, i'm assuming usa was born july 4, 1776 and july is sheep fixed element fire, so, using what you posted in your first post to me, changing it for the usa results in:

            usa elements are fire (1776), metal (fixed sign of the monkey), ??? (???), fire (Sheep) and ???? (????).

            ??? (???) = exact time usa was born. i guess that would be the hour that the document(s) was/were signed. i wonder if that is documented anywheres.

            ???? (????) i believe you included this cause i was born in the usa, but where was the usa born? either this doesn't apply or it's gaia, and, well to determine the exact date that gaia was born would be no mean feat!

            well i hope i went in the correct direction with this!

            • Unsu...
              lolol...I suppose the direction is right. The 5 element approach is used to check out the elemental balance of a particular individual. Trad Chinese families would use particular characters in drawing a childs name to add what was missing. As a nation is made up of it's people, I don't know if the 5 element approach would work in terms of balance for a country. But the idea's right.

              In interpreting a horoscope the three factors most usually considered are moveable year, time of birth (also known as the ascendant), and month. Remember that the Chinese calendar works differently than ours, so while July appears to be the Sheep (and some of July will always fall in that month), you really have to check every time. I had a link to an online Chinese ephemeris that went way, way back, but that site is apparently dead. It's hard to find Chinese calendars that are accurate for dates before 1900. At least, it's hard to find them in English.

              Namaste, to you, too!
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    Ram - Aries 4-10-79 - fire!
    • Patrick! You ARE amazing! I like all your imputs. (Will you do mine too pls?)

      March 19, 1981 b. CA at 6:18pm

      I know I'm a rooster (it's my year, baby!) and a pisces aires cusp...
      how can this info be used to ... say... ought I be on the lookout for any significance to this year (besides the fact that self-awareness in each moment is significance) being it is a rooster year?

      *o*o*o!!! (cock 'a doodle doo!)
      • Unsu...
        1981 was indeed a Rooster year. A yin metal one at that.

        Lessee, all Roosters are metal, '81 was metal, born in the hours of the Rooster (metal), tha month of the Rabbit (wood) and the USA (Monkey-metal).

        Your elements are metal, metal, metal, wood, metal. This is a year for Roosters to look for those influential people to help them solve their problems. Overall, the year should be relatively happy.
        • Unsu...
          Hey Patrick, AKA: "Chinese Astrology Guru"...what about the western equivalent to the chinese signs...i.e. monkey is leo and tiger is you believe in that?
          Asking bc as a western sun scorpio/pisces moon/Libra rising and then monkey I have such a strong attraction to Aquarius men (and why I don't know bc they are usually colder than ice tea in a freezer, almost as removed emotionally as a corpse in a funeral home and about as romantically passionate as bugs bunny....SO
          I ask do you think bc I have Tiger rising (born 4:53 am in NY/NY) that I am attracted to Tigers? Or maybe just daddy issues? LOL...
          P.S. my venus is in Sag, so that can't be the attracion and my mars is in virgo...I don't get it.
          • Unsu...
            Well, there's a couple of answers to your questions:

            First, remember that any kind of astrology gives you no more than some pointers towards some basic personality trends. Rising above them to become the person you want to be is the trick, and your environment and life experiences may take you far from those basics.

            Second, remember that the Chinese calendar and ours is NOT analagous. You literally have to check a decent cross-referenced ephemeris every time to determine what Chinese month a person is born in, the variations from year to year depend on the moon and many other things. So while you might find yourself attracted to certain Aquarians, that does not necessarily make them born in the month of the Tiger. They could be Oxen or Rabbits!

            Third: Chinese affinity charts are drawn on the YEAR of birth, month of birth is merely a moderator, and has the least impact of the 'big three' (moveable sign of the year, hour of birth, then month). So, your conflict should be with people born in the year of the Tiger, but not necessarily with those born in that feline month. As to 'daddy issues'...well, I'll leave that one alone.

            So, is there a tie between Chinese and Western? Yes, but it's kinda loose around the edges because Chinese is lunar and Western is solar. I find it easier and more more helpful to stick to one or the other and not try to blend them (primarily because I've never seen the blend work well).

            Bugs Bunny, btw, is a very passionate character, even romantically, but only if you, too, are a rabbit. ;)
            • Unsu...
              Another way to say all this is:

              If you are born in the YEAR of the Monkey, but find yourself attracted to people born in the YEAR of the Tiger, then perhaps you should look at what life experiences have set you up for this kind of affinity conflict. But if you're a bouncy little Monkey that falls for, say, Rats who are born in the month of the Tiger, then no big whoop.
              • Unsu...
                newbie to this tribe, 1974 year of the tiger,
                seems patrick has the knowledge, so if you wanna enlighten me as to the rest, it would be greatly appreciated,
                05.09.74 is the date.
                taurus w/ sagitarius moon, cancer rising. can western and eastern be used in tandem with eachother?
                • Unsu...
                  Hey, J.

                  I need your exact date, time and place of birth, please. I don't see why they couldn't be used simultaneously, just don't try to blend them-I've never seen the blend work correctly.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    the date was 5/9/74,
                    time-10 am central
                    place-springfield, il

                    thanks for the info.
                    • Unsu...
                      Okay, 1974 was a yang wood tiger year.
                      The fixed element of the tiger is wood, too!
                      You were born in the hours of the snake (fire)
                      The month of the snake (fire)
                      and the USA which is a monkey nation (metal)

                      Your elements are wood, wood, fire, fire, metal.
                    • Here is another Tiger from 1974.
                      I am a Tiger, Wood.
                      Month of Sheep, Metal.
                      Day of Monkey, Metal.
                      Hour of Snake, Metal
                      My Western Astrology is Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon and Leo Rising
                      I was born July 18, 1974 at 9:17am EST
                      Since Western astrology is what I was introduced to first, I have felt that I have been growing out of my Cancer and into my Leo Rising. When I found out about the Tiger thing, I definately feel it is a match. I would like to know if anyone has any information about the insights the rest of the Chinese zodiac offers such as the month, day, hour thing and balancing the elements.
                      Any insights to my chart would be welcome.
                      • Unsu...

                        I'll have to reinterpret you into my system (it will be close).

                        1974 was a yang wood tiger year.
                        The fixed sign of the tiger is wood.
                        You were born in the hours of the Snake (fire)
                        The month of the sheep (fire)
                        And, if in the USA, a monkey nation, metal.

                        Your elements are wood, wood, fire, fire, metal. For balance, you need water and earth and had you lived in a traditional Chinese family, they would have added watery and earthy characters to the way your name was drawn. Perhaps we should change your name to Mud...I know, it's an old joke, but it works so well around here. Which makes me wonder-why are so many Tribe members missing earth and water? Hmmm.

                        Anyhow, you are a wood Tiger. Keywords: tolerant, practical, and impartial. You will have a more even and affable personality than the average Tiger, and may tend towards superficiality. Wood Tigers aren't particularly interested in below-the-suface stuff and also are famous for their lack of self-discipline. All Tigers are noted for their resistance to admitting to their own limitations, however, so you may not see this in yourself, or may just not want to own up to it.

                        The Snake in you may help ameliorate the famous Tiger temper and with the wood your year offers you, you should not tend towards being tempermental at all.

                        The Sheep in you offers a romantic nature, kindheartedness, optimism and an emotionality not usual in the Tiger.
                        • Thanks Patrick,
                          I know that we shouldn't mix Chinese and Western astrology, but could that lack of water be found in my Cancer sun and moon which are both water signs? and how does one balance the lack of that element? by doing water activities? is it that literal.
                          I am also missing earth in western astrology but I still feel grounded and I actually have alot of self discipline...
                          thanks again for your response.
                          • Unsu...
                            Once again, don't try to mix them. Water, as an example, in the Chinese mindset has much different meanings than it does in Western. Balance is nice, but not all that important-the traditional Chinese use balance in naming their children just to give them a leg up, so that they have the best chances of having a successful life. Imbalance doesn't mean you are in danger, or even need to do anything about it. If you had a big imbalance, like ALL your elements were the same, you'd be directed to look carefully at what profession you got into. Not that you'd be unsuccessful doing something else, but that you'd have the best chance of success in a profession that shared that element.

                            Now to answer your question directly: can you find water in your Cancer sun and moon for balance (because they're both water signs)? No. The moon is what your entire Chinese astrological profile is based on and apparently, on the year you were born, it was not water, at least to the Chinese.

                            The Western system has rigidly fixed elements: every Cancer is water, as an example. The Chinese system has fixed elements, too (the fixed element of the Sheep is fire), but they are relatively unimportant-the element of the exact YEAR of your birth (most of 1979, f'rinstance, was an Earth Sheep year) dramatically changes the complexion of anyone born in it. Then the hours of birth (the ascendant) and the month. By the time you read all three of these, that Sheep may not be so fiery after all. So even though the fixed element of the Sheep is fire...well, you get the picture.

                            How does one balance the lack of an element? One writes their Chinese name with characters that have that element in them. Doing water activities will be very nice, because this summer is hot, but won't make up for the lack of an element. But as I've already explained, it's not really that big of a deal. I always joke that folks missing earth and water should change their names to Mud, for balance, but it's just a joke. The change might bring them balance in their charts, but it's extremely unlikely that it will bring them balance in their lives. Another set of concepts to avoid mixing up.

                            How's that for a long answer to a short question? Stay cool, it's hot out there!
                            • Unsu...
                              Gee, I wish we could go back and edit these responses.

                              First: I hope I don't sound too awfully pedantic, Jena, just trying to explain the differences in the systems.

                              Second: if you had an overwhelming amount of fire in your chart, the one thing you wouldn't want to do is water activities, because water is antithetical to fire. If most of your elements were the same, you'd be steered towards occupations and activities that complemented that imbalance, not ones to make up for the lack.

                              As I recall, you are mostly wood and fire, but are not heavily imbalanced in any one of those. So a trad Chinese astrologer might suggest that you become a smoke jumper or forest ranger or anything that dealt nicely with both wood and fire (you might make a dandy fireplace!). You would be steered gently away from water occupations-working with people (psychology, sales, etc) or becoming a sailor or a lifeguard, etc. are all water-based. But the operative thing here, is that you wouldn't be courting disaster by becoming psychologist, that profession just might give you more conflict than another.
                              • Thanks Patrick, that brings more clarity. It could also explain my love for fire dancing as well. I appreciate your thorough responses. Blessings.
  • i'm a water dog.

    according to western: gemini rising, aries sun, libra moon

    i've never heard of chinese ascendants until reading this. can anyone tell me more about that? how it affects your personality? how to find out what it is?

    does anyone know of any good chinese astrology websites?
    • Unsu...
      The ascendant is based on the hour of your birth. The hours of the day are broken up into two hour increments and named with the same animal names the years are. It's meaning is only important in the context of the year of birth, being born in the hours of the Horse, for instance, will affect different animal signs in different ways.

      How can you find out? Give us the stats: exact year, date, time and place of your birth.
      • I was born on April 7, 1982 at 8:31 am in Cleveland, Ohio.

        Thanks for your help. :)
        • Unsu...
          Cool! You were born in a yang water Dog year.

          All dogs: metal
          You: water
          Hours: Dragon (wood)
          Month: Dragon (wood again)
          USA: Monkey (metal)

          Your elements are metal, water, wood, wood, metal. No water, no fire.

          Water dogs are intuitive, reflective and sympathetic but do not generally forge strong bonds with others (which is kind of funny as they are very popular-water dogs are the kind that folks want to have as a friend). Female water Dogs are frequently strikingly attractive on many levels (but certainly physically), however they have a tendency towards self indulgence.

          The water element tends to make the Dog more controlled emotionally, and adds an element of charm to their personalities. Still as self-indulgent, jsut quieter about it than the average Dog.

          Now, your ascendant (hours of the Dragon) adds an idealism to the mix. It is said that the Dog born in these hours would make a good missionary, saint, or even a miracle worker, if only everyone else would accept the Dog's faith as their own. This Dog/dragon mix is said by others to be dogmatic (and I'm sure all puns are intended).

          The month of the Dragon can add poise, round off the rough corners, as it were. Keywords: realistic, honest, motivated. This will tend to curb the doggy self-indulgence as the month of the Dragon adds a drive towards spiritual over material fulfillment to the Dog. And it softens the natural Dog cynicism. But herein lies a warning: Dog loyalty and the Dragon spiritual bent may tend to set you up to gladly make sacrifices for those you are close to (few though they may be for the water Dog). Others may tend to take advantage of that trait.
          • Wow, thanks Patrick! You're awesome!

            Very interesting. I have noticed that my spiritual faith does tend to be stronger in comparison to others. As far as holding the vision goes. I definately have more of drive toward spiritual fulfillment than material. And about the dragon month smoothing out the cynicism, that's always the one trait I didn't see in me that much, of all the dog descriptions. Yeah, and about that warning, you're right on with that. I found myself sacrificing for my family to a degree that was crazy. I was leaving nothing for myself. They weren't even consciously trying to take advantage, I just made it so easy by not considering my own needs at all. Good thing I figured that one out. (My Western astrological makeup doesn't make it any easier with a venus in pisces and 4 planets in libra.)

            What do you think about me not having any earth or fire?

            And since the dog and dragon are extremely incompatible (and I can be sure cuz my mom and sister are dragons), do you think that would create some kind of conflict in my nature (by being a dog in a dragon hour and month)? Or do you think it would make me more compatible with dragons?

            Thanks again!
            • Unsu...
              Don't worry about the balance thing (not having earth or fire). The trad Chinese use astrological balancing techniques to give a child the best possible chances of success. That's all. It's not a biggie.

              Dog and Dragon is an inauspicious mix. That's the polite way to say "Run! Run as fast your legs can carry you!" ;) Having these show up in your chart will not cause a conflict, nor will they make you more sympathetic to Dragons, they just effect your makeup in the ways described.

              You're welcome!
              • hey patrick, what about mine?

                i'm born on 27/08/85.
                • Unsu...


                  I'll need the exact time and place of your birth, too.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    Re: Lolita

                    0720 am, singapore.

                    i found out im a wood ox. is it true? what's the characteristics of a wood ox?
                    • Unsu...

                      Re: Lolita

                      Yes, a yin wood OX.

                      All Oxen (water)
                      You (wood)
                      Hours of the Dragon (wood)
                      Month of the Monkey (metal)
                      And Singapore is a Snake nation (fire)

                      Your elements are water, wood, wood, metal, fire.

                      Wood Oxen tend to be less rigid than other types of oxen and are said to be more concious (if not considerate) of the feelings of others. Keywords: socially graceful (compared to other Oxen), ethical, and full or integrity. Conservative, yet open to new ideas and with a strong drive.

                      The hours of the Dragon add a focus and ambitiousness. The Dragon is another animal known for being opinionated, beware of the combination-while wood Oxen are less rigid, they're still comparatively inflexible. The Dragon influence could make you more so.

                      The Monkey (month) and Ox can be a pretty interesting mix. Indomitable will, dramatic and pompous are a few keywords to consider. Oxen are not known to be the most 'exciting' people out there, the Monkey may also lend you some spark.
                      • Unsu...

                        Re: Lolita

                        Ooops, just realized I read that wrong...Singapore is an Ox nation, which makes your elements water, wood, wood, metal, water. Doesn't change the reading, just wanted to correct the error.
                        • Re: Lolita


                          U got me curious on this one
                          Can U do me too

                          I was born 1.06am, 14th Sept 1968 - Adelaide - South Australia
                          • Unsu...


                            You are a yang earth Monkey

                            All Monkeys: metal
                            You: earth
                            Hours: Ox (water)
                            Month: Monkey (metal)
                            Australia (1/1/01): Rat nation-water

                            Your elements are metal, earth, water, metal, water

                            Earth Monkeys are calm and collected (at least by Monkey standards). They tend to be quietly egotistical and can become quite petulant when they think they're being overlooked. Their curiosity is many times channeled into academics, at which they excel. Honest, straightforward, full of integrity, the earth Monkey is the sort who becomes a police officer and does a fine job of it. Why? A little over conscientious.

                            The Ox may make it harder for you to pull typical Monkey tricks on people and keep a straight face while doing it.

                            The Monkey month gives you intelligence and ambition. It also gives you an authoritativeness without meanness. Audacious and more than a bit nosy, but out of curiosity, not maliciousness.
  • Peace Be Upon You, All:

    I'm a brand spaking new member of this tribe (today). My info follows:

    Wood Horse
    Sheep - ascendant/rising

    Western astrology
    Leo - rising
    Gemini - moon

    Born: April 7, 1954 at 1:34 PM in NY, NY - USA

    I know that I'm most astrologically compatible with those born in the Year of Tiger, Sheep & Dog. I wish I met more Tigers (1950, '62 & '74 especially) to spark with.
  • I am a rooster and somewhere I read that I am a metal rooster? does that exist? :) and I was born at 12.25 am that is a time of rat...And I am a Virgo, but I wish I was fire :P
    • Unsu...
      hi patrick (and everyone!)
      i am all water/masculine...but maybe you can tell me something i don't know?
      i am curious to know more.....

      march 2nd 1972 around 7:45 -8am-sh (not known exact and no record of birth in hospital!)
      krakow, poland

      i'm a pisces/libra moon.
      • Unsu...
        Hi, Starfish!

        You are a yang water Rat.

        The fixed sign of the Rat is water.
        You are water too!
        Hours of the Dragon (wood)
        The month of the Tiger (wood)
        And Poland, from 1947 until the USSR dissolved, was a Dog nation (metal).

        So your elements are water, water, wood, wood, metal.
        So, you see, you're not all water!

        Water Rats like mentation more than other Rats do. Brainy, insightful, accommodating and understanding are good keywords. They tend to be conservative and traditional, but are also calculating and shrewd. Otherwise, beware of the water Rat's propensity to babble, you might give away important secrets to the wrong person because of your love to chat.

        The Dragon here may give you an overlarge heart-not physically, but emotionally. Rats born in the hours of the Dragon are easily taken advantage of because of their heart. And while the Dragon's will and the Rat's money making talents could make you great in business, don't give in to the temptation to loan money to everyone with a good story.

        The Tiger in you will provide a cheerful personality, a need for diversity, and will tend to make you more relationship oriented than money oriented (very un-Ratlike). The occasional moodiness of the Tiger month Rat (rebellious, impatient, audacious yet cheerful and giving) is balanced by the amount of care you give to others around you, or even good causes.
        • Unsu...
          wow. patrick! thank you for such a quick reply!
          and here i thought i was all water.
          phewwww...i prefer this more balanced outlook on things.

          yes, i am not a typical pisces or a typical rat in many ways.
          i am totally not traditional but the rest if pretty much correct....
          and i'll just keep my little mouth shut about that... cause you are right,
          i give way too many things away... ;-P

          thank you again, i am very honored.
  • I am a Earth Monkey born during the hours of the Monkey.

    If anyone knows anything about this combination and could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it. I have my Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sag, ASC in Libra and my MC is in Cancer. I can look all these up seperately but I have a hard time putting together all the information and forming the big picture for myself. I can do it easily for others, but I can't seem to do it for myself, is that unusual?
    • Unsu...
      Earth Monkeys are generally more placid and reliable than the average Monkey. Intellectual and studious, honest and straightforward, but with a tendency towards petulance (especially if nobody notices how good they are at intellectual and studious, honest and straightforward). However, the earth Monkey is less concerned with her own ego than other Monkeys and can be loving and dedicated.

      The hours of the Monkey lends a conviviality and optimism to the earth Monkey. Earth Monkeys generally do not like to entertain, but the Monkey hours could add up to genuine hospitality.
      • Thank You Patrick. That sounds like me. I always felt I wasn't a typical Monkey. Do you know what other signs are compatible with the Monkey?
        • Unsu...
          the most auspicious Monkey matches are Rat & Dragon.
          • Hey ya'll,

            My Day stem is Black Chicken, born in the year of the Wood Dragon.

            Why is the Day stem given more precedence than the year?

            (Not that I mind being a chicken.....)

            • Hello or Salutations
              IM Jan 16 1973 0420 hours SF California
              Mountain goat Rat Earth ( i think)
              Sagitarius Ascendant gemini moon and Saturn
              Mercury Venus and Jupiter in Caprisor along with North Node

              hmm dont know anything aboutthis day stem thing, guess i have lots more reading to od
              • Hey Patrick I wanted to say thank youfor all youhave posted here
                this is really great
                I need to get some insight on my duaghter to help me more in how to nurture her and assist her with life
                Waht can you tellme about my precious rabbit

                January 9 2000 841PM Wolf Point Montana

                Bless you patrick
                • Unsu...
                  She's a yin Earth Rabbit, born in the hours of the Dog and the month of the Ox.

                  Her elements are, in order: wood (all Rabbits), earth, metal, water, metal (USA).

                  Earth Rabbits tend to be serious. Balanced, rational, and realistic are good catchwords here. This bunny will have a tendency towards introspection, especially when troubled, and will need to be left alone during these periods: the earth Rabbit needs to come into accord with her inner self before bringing troubles out into the open. This can often be seen as non-communication, but the truth is that this Rabbit needs to become okay inside before discussing things outside. Once this stae is achieved, the earth Rabbit is more than willing to acknowledge personal shortcomings and work on overcoming them.

                  The Dog hours contribute an outspokenness to the Rabbit and may also manifest a genuine caring for others (Rabbits are known for their self-centeredness).

                  The Ox month may cause this bunny to cling firmly to the rules and hierarchy of society. Under this influence, the bunny's natural propensity for strategy is amplified, but will not tend to form or change opinions quickly.
  • earth dragon/taurus
    • Capricorn born during the cusp of the Wood Ram and Fire Monkey..

      For those of you that may not be aware..

      The occidental cusps: (the aries, taurus... system) are aproximately 5 days long.. two days before, and two days after the start of the sign)..

      In the Chinese Lunar system thoses cusps are aproximately 8 weeks long.. 4 weeks before chinese new year and 4 weeks after chinese new year. So, given that, the probability of all you Capricorns, Aquarians, Piseans (and some late Sagittarians, and early Taureans) will be born in a Chinese cusp.. check out the sign definitions of both.. you'll find there definitely is an overlap..

      It's all numbers and patterns of systems.
  • Unsu...
    I"m a water tiger. born in 62.
    it's interesting because my sun sign is leo (moon -aquarius, asc.-leo)...I do have a great affinity towards the feline kind.

    I don't know if there is any info within the chinese astro system about what moon phase a person is born under but I was born during a lunar eclipse at a 99% full moon and I have been trying to find out a long time if this would have any meaning to it.

    if anyone has any ideas feel free to email me:-)
    • Yin Earth Sheep, December Sagittarius
      • Wow what a great collection of energy here. So glad to have found this tribe. I have discovered, along the Way, that these animal traits really hold up... especially with people who don't yet know which they are. I have yet to read a description to anyone who could dis-proove or deny the connections. Sure they change within each perfect. As I look back on my path I demonstrated the truth from the start, before I knew. I am a yin-yang, black and silver, water dragon. A presently manifestating a projection of energy from the awakening mother in Lung (dragon) cave inside Wu Ta'i mountain. Transmitted through the sage/gardener of the last generation's emptycloud. The dragon spirit that passed in 1956 at 120 years old. In the body of a man lies the spirit of the mother. All my stars, my sun and my moon, in Cancer female watery emotions, and Aquarius rising. The events of 2012 will unfold under the sign of the water dragon my 60th year the cycle of water will renew itself as will I in harmony with the All of everything. I have thrive through the assistance of the other signs however, the animal natures that contribute their all in relationship. Rats and monkeys, are invaluable to me. I have a team of horses pulling for me with their strength of heart. I inspire other dragons not yet prepared to take on the role of magical beast. When I point to the strength of their hearts they know and listen to it for further developments instead of outer judgments that tie them down. I've learned lessons by being bitten by snakes and yapped at by dogs, found peace with the sheep and benefitted from the intelligence of pigs. It takes a zoo...e
  • I'm a Fire Tiger, Libra, 9-29-86 at 6:00 central, I don't know anything more than that, I think that's the main element right? I don't understand about the significance of the months and days and times and whatever, and how that would alter it any?
  • im a bitch... its my year ,but i dont know if i was fire dog like this year..... wHATs does it mean,,,1958 VIRGO FISH THANG SAME DAY AND YEAR MAYBE HOUR OF M.JACKSON .. I LOVE MEN ,I DONT DO CHILDREN AND DONT THINK MISS JACKSON DOES ETHER... ASK SONY!!!
  • All I know is I'm a boar.....My birthday is 7-12-83. Is there more to it then just that? Cuz I've read alot of the posts and see "metal" and stuff along those lines but idk what else I am......?
    • AAhhh HHa I thought it was sumthin different other then the element...but i researched a little and found my element is water....DUH
      • Autumn, you might also check to see the hour of birth, which is also governed by an animal and it's characteristics. The hour governs the outer temperment. For example...I have a boar for time of birth and it makes me laid back for a dragon...................
        • EmptyCloud,
          Could you point us to a good website to find our stats? I still can't figure it out on the website I was on. Thanks!
          • What is the Ascendant?

            # In Western astrology, the Ascendant is the degree of the zodiac that rises above the eastern horizon at the moment of one's birth. If, for instance, this degree happens to be in the Cancer section of the zodiac, the newborn individual is known to be "Ascendant Cancer". Another individual may be "Ascendant Leo", "Ascendant Sagittarius", or "Ascendant Pisces".

            # Therefore, it's the hour in the day of one's birth that determines one's Ascendant.

            # In Chinese astrology, the hour of an individual's birth is also duly taken into account. Normally, it's simply known as "hour of birth". But the term "Ascendant" is so widely used that it can be substituted for "hour of birth" — although rather improperly.

            The Chinese hours of the day

            # There are twelve Chinese hours in a day, each of them consisting of 120 international minutes. Each Chinese hour is named after a symbolic animal, exactly as the Chinese years are. Following are the Chinese hours:

            23:01 through 01:00 = hour of the Rat
            01:01 through 03:00 = hour of the Ox
            03:01 through 05:00 = hour of the Tiger
            05:01 through 07:00 = hour of the Rabbit
            07:01 through 09:00 = hour of the Dragon
            09:01 through 11:00 = hour of the Snake
            11:01 through 13:00 = hour of the Horse
            13:01 through 15:00 = hour of the Goat
            15:01 through 17:00 = hour of the Monkey
            17:01 through 19:00 = hour of the Rooster
            19:01 through 21:00 = hour of the Dog
            21:01 through 23:00 = hour of the Pig

            # If you were born between 01:01 and 03:00, for instance, you are known to be born at the hour of the Ox. And if you were born between 21:01 and 23:00, you are known to be born at the hour of the Pig.
  • 19/03/1988, at 8:30 AM (in Helsinki, Finland). So I'm a Pisces and an Earth Dragon, with the Rising Sign of Gemini (Moon is in Aries).

    ...I've tried multiple free astrology reports and they all match me. o0
  • I'm a water Rat with Dog rising.
    • A Fire Rabbit/Taurus born on May 18, dont got a farts worth of a clue when i was born but i hear im on a cusp. i kinda think like a Gemini, feel like a stubborn Taurus, but act like a Rabbit. I only took up reading about astrology as a way to stop drinking (and failed) for the new year of 2007. But through my time of reading what other people have to say about astrology ive felt a little bit sure that these kinda-of things are their own way >(.
      • I am, in fact, a Water Dog/Libra.
        Date of Birth : October 3, 1982
        Time of Birth : 2:14 p.m. (Eastern Time)
        Place of Birth : New York, NY (Manhattan, NY - same thing !)

        I can be stubborn & dogmatic. I also LOVE to fight for the underdog.
        Not just being a Dog. But, being a Libra Dog. That gives me more of a reason !!!
        I'm prone to mood swings, but they usually don't last too long.

        Well, depends on the situation & on how I'm treated by others.
        Especially, in potential romantic relationships. I don't liked being played for a fool !!!
        I also get easily hurt. I'm also VERY prone to worrying a lot.
        But, only because I want everyone that I care about to be safe & not be messed with.
        That's yet another thing about me. I'm VERY territorial. I tend to get very defensive also.
        For this doggie, my bite is just as bad, if not worse, than my bark !!!
        • I have dog rising and also Aquarius rising. I think we'll get along famously. =)
          • :-)
            • Unsu...
              Well Wendy what are you?
              I love cats. Did you ever hear a little child say that? It is charming.
              Are you a smile Wend?
              A smiling Boar, Rat, Ox,Tiger,Cat,,Dragon,Snake,Horse,Goat,Monkey,Bird, Dog?
              • Well, what I do know is that I am a Dog.
                A Water Dog, to boot. Although, I feel like a Fire Dog.
                Sometimes, I wish I was a Cat (or Rabbit), as far as this whole
                Chinese zodiac thing goes. Cats (the animals) are usually independent.
                So am I. Well, I try to be anyway. As much as I can. As far as smiling ?
                It's really 50/50 for me on that one.
                • Windy im a Fire Rabbit, but i dont know about the Cat thing.I really like to be outside on days that look and smell like they are about to rain and the clouds are dark and theres a soft breeze, but it never rains. Damn but when i read about myself (yea) feels kinda lonley. I dont feel lonley though.........just lazy and tired...cant say i wonder what i would do the rest of my life, but I SHOULD be in school. Want to me a Massage Therapist to replace my job because i just got this knack for talking to people and ive notice how i can talk to people face to face and its so easy just being nice. Hate to admit it but i work at a WashTub, overall i get good money...>(
  • hi y'all
    I'm an Ox
    I was told 'Water Ox'
    but i'm not sure how that is determined
    i've heard by the year
    then i've recently heard that it goes by what time of year you were born
    much love-navi

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