Personal Peach Blossom vs. Peach Blossom stars

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Hey hey! Remember I said I thought there was a difference between people who have a personal peach blossom and those that have just peach blossoms in their chart. I said this because I was looking at charts of people I know and some have peach blossom stars that I don't find sexually/romantically attractive at all. So, I went out and looked at people I thought were really just attractive and it turned out they had a personal peach blossom..
Well, here is a snippet of an article that talks about the difference between personal peach blossom and simply having one of the 4 peach blossom animals in your chart.

"It is true that the Peach Blossom represented by the 4 Zodiac animals represents the Romance Index of that person. A well-known example is the ancient Chinese Emperor Qian Long, is known to have all 4 of the Peach Blossom Zodiac Animals in his 4 Pillars. Well, the facts speak for itself as we all know ancient Chinese Emperors are said to have about 3000 concubines on average.

But what is less widely known is that these Peach Blossom Zodiac animals actually represent Popularity Index as well and that we can further refine the observation to differentiate whether a person is popular choice for romance or merely popular in other aspects. To determine whether one is a popular choice for romance, we have to find out all the 4 Zodiac animals in one's 4 Pillars. Next, match the Zodiac animal of 3 other pillars against the Zodiac animal of either the year pillar or day pillar. Please refer to this list for the match:

Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Monkey, Rat or Dragon, the peach blossom will be Rooster if found in the remaining 3 pillars.
Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Snake, Rooster or Ox, the peach blossom will be Horse if found in the remaining 3 pillars.
Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Pig, Rabbit or Ram, the peach blossom will be Rat if found in the remaining 3 pillars.
Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Tiger, Horse or Dog, the peach blossom will be Rabbit if found in the remaining 3 pillars.

That is to say, someone whose Bazi fulfills this condition, will generally have no problem getting prospects for romance. People who do not fulfill this condition, yet has plenty of Peach Blossom Zodiac animals in their 4 Pillars will generally be those who are popular with people on a platonic level. Most of the time, such people are the ones that gets snapped up as teammates for project work or gets inundated with requests for help and advice. These people are likely the helpful, useful and capable people that most people look for help or look to rely on.

Makes sense. I have friends who have two peach blossom stars and no personal p blossom as indicated above and they are not very romantically attractive (to me or others).
  • But they are totally well-liked and have many friends.
    • I've read this article before..what about the Marriage Peach Blossom? I know I have that one, and I haven't had any men dropping on one knee, or anything, but I do tend to be should I put it..more respectfully and seriously than most girls my age..could just be my behavior, though.

      I also have one friend who is really just average-looking, and not ostentatious in the way she dresses or looks, and yet men are really attracted to her. She has a Marriage Peach Blossom, as well, and no romance "peaches".

      My other friend has a romance peach blossom, and she is very pretty but so obviously fun-loving and flirtatious that men don't treat her seriously for long..she actually lost the one guy she ended up caring for because of that.
      I tried telling her she might be sending the wrong messages through her behavior, but she has all these ideas about being "free and adventurous", or something.
      • Wow, that's super-interesting to me. Firstly, you are quite young, so I don't think the marriage offers should be rushing in just yet, I would hope!!

        I have the romance peach blossom, but not the marriage and I notice that men are quite serious about me as well and most of them marriage minded, but I'm pretty evasive in that regard. The last 4 boyfriends I had wanted to marry me, but I broke it off each time because I didn't love them enough. I think that's another way a Peach Blossom can work. If you know you might find someone better with relative ease, it may keep you from heading down the road of marriage with someone who might not be just right. A Peach Blossom person has so many options, they may feel like they need not rush to commit. Personally, I would rather be alone than be with someone who doesn't make my heart sing.

        The friend who is flirtatious and fun-loving. Is she your age? If so, sounds about right to me. I don't think it's good idea to settle down with someone in your early 20's. There's still so much to learn and see! But that's my opinion.

        the article I posted talks specifically about the difference between personal peach blossom and having a peach blossom star. We need to find an article that describes the marriage peach blossom more adequately...
        • oh, no, absolutely not. It's not that anybody wants to get married at this age, but, just for research purposes...LOL.

          Well, technically speaking, once you find someone you have real chemistry with, you wouldn't think there might be something better down the road..ok, it might be overly-idealistic, but that's the way I see it, now, at the age of innocence. lol

          Yes, both of them are born in '88, and they're both Tigers by Day. Well, the one with the romance peach blossom only has one as long as I subtract the DST hour, which would make her a Cat Hour, which is the peach blossom for..the Tiger, right?

          LOL. I just did the date for this other girl we used to be good friends with up until the 10th grade, or so, and she's also a Tiger by Day, and a Cat by year, so she should also have a romance peach blossom, and she's really not that flirty at all, or especially pretty, for that matter..she is a Fire Tiger, though, and they're supposed to be really career-focused, I read. And she is really ambitious.

          And..omg. I just did Ted Bundy's bazi, and he has a Marriage Blossom..well, I guess it must work, cause he managed to lure all those innocent victims to him.
          • I did mention my last crush had both a romance and a marriage peach blossom, right? Yeaah, he's gorgeous, and he knows it. dammit. ahahah.
            • Yuck! I already don't like him! I like sincere men. He sounds smarmy. But I guess the way I have boyfriends and don't stick with them may just be the same thing...

              I think lots of people marry for reasons other than finding the one they truly have chemistry with. It seems to me that people barely know who they are and they get married because it seems like the thing to do at the time, like going to college, or buying a car. And then they look back, after their divorce, and say "what was I thinking?" So yeah, you are romantic, Mantis, like me. But you'll see! People are really odd when it comes to "keeping up with Joneses."

              And I am not surprised at all by the Ted Bundy thing. That is really sick, but not surprising. When I was younger I used to do this thing I called "turning it on," where I used to just try to suck men in with charm - just for fun to see what fun was to be had. I worked at a very cool restaurant in London, and I just did it with every man who worked there. Probably like your friend. After a couple months my one girlfriend said, "Jeez! It's like you have a cult following!!" So, yeah, Ted Bundy, peach blossom on a mission, makes sense. I don't do that anymore AT ALL. What a waste of energy. I keep all that energy for things I truly care about now, but I didn't know what I wanted back then so I was just checking everything out.
              • ok, holy shit. My last crush actually looks like jeffrey dahmer( ), and I did his bazi chart, and they're both day of the Rooster, except dahmer is yin metal day master (like me!?) and my crush is yin earth. But he's a lot more good-looking, even. More angular features, perfect skin, tall robust body.
                Overall, though, the expression on his face is always a bit perverse, which is one of the things that attracted me to him, in the first place. And in some photos of dahmer, I can see the exact same expression..I'm really creeped out right now.
                I always felt he is incredibly repressed and angry, which is something you read about in the Rooster description, particularly the men, who are said to often resort to violence to express themselves.And he has 2 Rooster pillars..ok, I need to find a real peach, not a clockwork orange. LOL
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    I'm not sure I understand.

    I'm the following:
    Year Earth Rooster
    Hour Fire Goat
    Month Fire Rat
    Day Fire Rabbit

    So three out of the four peach blossoms. I'm one short of the "peach blossom cross."
    So, given your theory, would I be better off romantically or better off in some kind of silly "join my sports team" sense?


    PS I'm short the horse, but I'm pointed in the same direction as the horse, nearly, the goat.

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