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Hey everyone, I absolutely love the Chinese zodiac, I really think the Chinese were are right on this one. Anyway, I recently met a fire snake, and I'm a fire tiger, and it's been really cool. We're not in a relationship of anything but we are having a lot of fun, the only problem is I'm not sure if feelings are developing! When we're around people, we constantly cuss each other and attack each other's egos (I think our egos are quite evenly matched) but when it's just the two of us we're very sexual and quite affectionate with one another. It is a very sexual thing, and I am aware he is seeing several different people and I too keep myself open to others, we're both relatively young and neither of us is interested in a full blown relationship. However, my query is, what's the deal with fire tigers and fire snakes? We enjoy each other's company a great deal, though granted I am much more aggressive and usually argue him into submission (in EVERY way, mentally and sexually) yet there appears to be some kind of fondness there! What do you think?
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    Your day pillar would reveal a lot more of your personality. What is your DOB ad his? So far I have 1986 and 1977 as both of your years.
    • Sorry I made a mistake! He's an Earth Snake, not a Fire snake. My birthday is 27 September 86, and his is February 2nd 1989 I think!
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        His year is actually the Earth Dragon.

        Your day master is the wood dog and you also have a peach blossom so you should be quite popular with the opposite sex.
        His day master is the water snake. Your Daymasters aren't terrible, they're okay in terms of compatibility.

        The daymaster is the truest self so if you read a description of the wood dog (otherwise known as Jia Xu) you may suddenly find it sounds quite a lot like you in the truest form.

        From a western astrology perpsective it looks good. Libra and Aquarius plus your moon is Cancer while his appears to be Capricorn.
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          Hi Red. I'm new to chinese astrology. I've calculated my four pillars. year fire tiger, month metal ox, day metal dragon, hour water goat. I would love it if you could help me to understand what this means.
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            Hi Oskar, would love to. I'm on the level of an experienced newbie so I'll share what I've learnt but I wont attest to knowing anything. I've also recommended you to a newly begun tribe that goes into more depth if you're interested.
            I'm up late again so I gotta try and go to sleep NOW! Damn is this the start of insomnia?
        • Thanks for the responses everybody, and thank you Red for that post, can you inform me a little more about peach blossoms/wood dogs, I don't know anything about them! And daymasters?? This should be very interesting as I had no clue about this side of the astrology!

          Oh my gosh, he's a DRAGON? But I was sure he's a snake! I'm going to have to double-check that birthday, I know it's in February, but will it make a difference if it's late february, or does the 1989 snake go from March?
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            Oh no, if it is after February the 4th the solar calendar shifts to the next year. If he is younger and born after the 4th consider him a snake year but that also means his daymaster would be different which would better explain his connection to you.
  • Oh wow I love Fire tigers. You come off just like one! :) lol
    Well it seems he's actually an Earth dragon.

    Dragon and Tiger always fight about who's in control.
    • Hahaha! Now I really am confused about when his birthday is because he's being all secretive about it for some weird reason but I think it's february the 2nd, this is really bizarre - I would have thought he was a lot more snake-like than dragon! He's very handsome and manipulative, though I thought dragons are supposed to be kind of imperial and regal!
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        Dragons are considered noble. The dragon year people always have a lot to say and put themselves out there. It's his daymaster you wanna examine though.
        • How do I find out his daymaster?

          Also, what is the exact definition of daymaster?

          I think you mentioned mine was Wood Dog? What are the traits of wood dog and how can I be a dog and tiger at the same time?

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            You are much more a wood dog than a fire tiger. The day pillar is your personality down to it's truest core. There are many websites explaining the traits of the wood dog but I'll just give you examples of the most famous wood dogs.

            I'll find wood dogs based in a tiger year too.

            Bruce Lee. HHHHHIIIIIIIIIIYAH!!, Roger Clemens baseball player, Jeff Garlin, Jennifer Jason Leigh...
            Don't be surprised if you don't like any of them. I don't think we're meant to like the exact same daymaster as ourselves because we don't learn anything from each other.

            The year is just the outer core and represents early life as well as grandparents. The day pillar or 'daymaster' is basically the person itself.
            I am a fire goat day. As mentioned I don't really like other fire goat day people but I can see the similarity between me and them.

            It's actually the element that is more important than the animal. The animal is more commonly discussed in the west but the chinese have seperated 10 core personalities based on five elements yin and yang.

            You are yang wood aka Jia. Yang wood people make great spokespeople and effective leaders. they are stable and protective. The Dog animal (or more correctly known as the branch) is also known to be loyal and protective just like Dogs are in real life.

            It would be interesting to find out what your boyfriends daymaster is. Are you certain yet on his date of birth? I'm curious as to what both of your daymasters are and whether it is considered a good union.
            • Ah I see! I suppose my main curiosity is how the fire tiger and the wood dog can work in conjunction with each other? Are you saying that the fire tiger is my true nature, but the wood dog is how I behave in the world?

              Also, he isn't me boyfriend hehe, it's more we're just enjoying each other's company for now, I'm not sure if his bday is the 22nd or the 2nd of Feb!
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                Sorta the other way around. Your true nature is the wood dog whilst the fire tiger part of you is the way you go about your business. Half of my family are year of the pig so their all quite kind natured but they all have a different daymaster which greatly affects their true self.

                It might take you a bit of time to start seeing the daymaster over the year. I've looked at hundreds of people and I'm only just starting to notice what daymaster they are likely to have.

                Here's another way of putting it: in chinese astrology it is very difficult to get along with a person who has the polar opposite sign. So you may think you will never get along with people who are born in the year of the monkey but that is simply not true. The year differences can be compromised.
                However, if you meet someone born in the day of the dragon you will struggle to compromise with each other. dragon and dog are considered enemies. I have seen some people choose to co-operate with each other with the opposite day pillar but they are simply making life harder for themselves. your day pillar is the part of yourself that really matters and it pains you to meet the people who have dragon daymaster since they will always do something that doesn't bode well with you.

                Tell me FireTiger, what are your biggest pet peeves about people? What have you found through experiences that make you want to avoid certain people?
                • Hmm well I'd say my pet peeves are: lateness (that makes me extremely angry) anyone who disrespects me in any way, shape or form, losing, I don't like people who are not upfront about what they feel or think and who will talk about it behind my back out of fear of annoying/upsetting me, disloyalty, idealists who can't see the reality of situations and who try to take the easy way out, seeing someone as the underdog who is being ganged up on by more than one person. Those are the ones off the top of my head but I know there are more!

                  I'm very interested in the wood dog, is there any way you can give me a summary of the characteristics etc or direct me to a site that can tell me? Thanks for this!!
            • That's true.. alooooot of people don't know about the day sign being your actual sign..

              I'm the year of the earth dragon.. month of the metal monkey, day of the water rat, ad the hour of the metal pig..

              I've read the characteristics of the water rat.. and it seems to fit me much more than my year sign earth dragon..

              I think someone should spread the word to alot of these chinese astrology fans..

              The DAY sign is them.. not the year sign..
  • Brad! does that mean i act more like the chicken than the snake?

    i was born in the year of the earth snake, month & day of the chicken, hour of the tiger.
    • Sorry for taking so long to reply..

      I'm not an expert on chinese astrology.. but I have read on a couple of sites that your day sign is how you are towards your spouse.. your year sign is the worlds view on you..

      I read something about the day sign is you at home..

      and how you relate to spouses, and friends..

      It's really confusing..

      and hard for me to explain..

      The day sign is (you) month are (parents) and the year is (ancestors)
      hour is (kids)

      I think there is a site that explains what the month, year, day, and hour sign all mean..

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