Day Master signs of Famous people (with year sign in brackets)

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Adolf Hitler (Ox), Jim Morrison (Sheep), Marlon Brando (Rat), Prince Harry (Rat), Fabio Cannavaro (Ox), Madame Nhu (Rat), Reinhard Heydrich (Dragon), Notorious BIG (Rat), Robert Downey Jr (Snake), Isabella Caro (Monkey), Courtney Love (Dragon)

Bill Clinton (Dog), Sean Penn (Rat), Demi Moore (Tiger), Heath Ledger (Sheep), Heinrich Himmler (Rat), Henry Lee Lucas (Rat), Kari Ann Peniche (Rat), OJ Simpson (Pig), Janis Joplin (Horse)

Brigitte Bardot (Dog), Joseph Stalin (Tiger), Dick Cheney (Dragon), Pamela Anderson (Sheep), Paris Hilton (Rooster), Britney Spears (Rooster), Paul Mccartney (Horse), Richard Nixon (Rat), Michael Jackson (Dog), Hillary Clinton (Pig), Ben Affleck (Rat)

Benazir Bhutto (Snake), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Rat), Kim Kardashian (Monkey), Marlene Dietrich (Ox), Diego Maradona (Rat), Kate Moss (Ox)

Khloe Kardashian (Rat), Jessica Lange (Ox), Ferdinand Marcos (Snake),

Angelina Jolie (Rabbit), Cameron Diaz (Rat), George W. Bush (Dog), Johnny Cash (Monkey), Barack Obama (Ox), Eminem (Rat), Kobe Bryant (Horse), Forrest Griffin (Sheep), Paul Gray (Rat)

Jane Fonda (Ox), James Dean (Sheep), Robert Mugabe (Rat), Elizabeth Taylor (Monkey)

Brad Pitt (Rabbit), Meryl Streep (Ox), Princess Diana (Ox), Lindsay Lohan (Tiger), John F. Kennedy (Snake), Colin Farrell (Dragon)

Tupac Shakur (Pig), Greta Garbo (Snake), Elvis Presley (Dog), Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (Rabbit), Whitney Houston (Rabbit), Mike Tyson (Horse), Anna Nicole Smith (Sheep)

Marilyn Monroe (Tiger), Saddam Hussein (Ox), Oprah Winfrey (Snake), Idi Amin (Rat), Matt Damon (Dog), Judy Garland (Dog)

Paul Newman (Rat), George Bush, Sr (Rat), Condoleezza Rice (Horse), Jacqueline Kennedy (Snake), Vladimir Putin (Dragon), Bruce Lee (Dragon), Ozzy Osbourne (Rat), Steven Tyler (Rat)

Cristiano Ronaldo (Rat), Ringo Starr (Dragon)
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    I bet you found it hard to find many horse daymasters. I reckon that horse daymaster people shy away from the spotlight and are more likely to end up as the person behind the camera or the important people who work behind the scenes. They are usually ten times more interesting than the celebs too.

    I'll do one category for you - tennis players. I was just watching the tennis and thought I'd have a look at them all. The sport is one on one so their own personality always shows through and is easy to understand.

    Roger Federer rooster year earth horse day
    Nadal tiger year earth tiger day
    Tim Henman tiger year metal dog day
    David Nalbandian rooster year wood monkey day
    Marat Safin sheep year earth pig day
    Pete Sampras pig year earth snake day
    Andre Agassi dog year earth rabbit day
    Boris Becker sheep year metal tiger day
    Lleyton Hewitt rooster year water rooster day
    Andy Murray rabbit year wood rat day
    Andy roddick dog year wood rooster day
    Goran Ivanišević pig year metal ox day
    Greg Rusedski ox year wood snake day
    Serena Williams Rooster year Fire goat day
    Venus Williams monkey year metal rooster day
    Justine Henin dog year wood rabbit day
    Elena Dementieva Rooster year Fire Tiger day
    Lindsay Davenport dragon year metal rabbit day
    Steffi Graf Rooster year metal monkey day
    Maria Sharapova rabbit year earth dog day
    Martina Hingis monkey year fire horse day
    Amelie Mauresmo sheep year water rooster day
    Anastasia Myskina Rooster year fire pig day
    Jelena Janković ox year earth dog day
    Ana Ivanovic rabbit year earth sheep day
    anna kournikova Rooster year fire dragon day
    patty schnyder horse year metal dog day

    Absolutely no pattern here. The only two tennis players of the same sex with the same day master are Maria Sharapova and Jelena Jankovic.
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    I made my own chart of stats like this to see if I could see a patter of people I have gotten along with or also famous people on TV that I naturally found myself liking.

    Since the daymaster is the most important personality aspect it's the only thing I put down for these lot.
    Some of them you wont know so well but at least you'll get an idea of the kind of people I'm drawn towards as a yin fire goat person.

    David Attenborough, Nora greenwald - Fire Rabbit day

    Peter Beardsley, Jahred Shane, Gillian Anderson, Busta Rhyme, Gwen Stefani – Metal Pig day

    Eric Cantona, Rebecca De Mornay - Water sheep day

    Edgar Davids, Christopher Daniels - Earth monkey day

    Sia Furler - Earth dog day

    Serj Tankian, Johnny 5 from Marilyn Mansons band – fire snake day

    Keith Carradine, Aziz Khattou, Wesley Snipes, Chris Cornell, Bruce Campbell, Lindsey Vuolo – Metal horse day

    Joey Castillo Illya Kuryakin (man from uncle), Christopher Walken – earth rat day (don't like my bro who is this DM so I may not like these guys if I actually got to know them.)

    Kip James, Layne Stayley – Earth horse day

    Steve Blackman, Tre Cool - Wood Dog day

    Les Claypool, Tom Hardy, Kyle Mclachlan, Bridget Fonda, Lenny Kravitz - wood pig day

    david schwimmer – wood ox day

    Jackie Chan, Dwayne Johnson, Noel Gallagher – water snake

    James Marsters, Erica Campbell – metal tiger day

    Eddie Guerrero (RIP), Phillippe Albert – fire horse day

    Desmond Wolfe, John Lennon, Chris Benoit – wood rooster day

    Radha Mitchell, Walter Hill, John Dolmayan, Caroline Corr – water rat day

    Jack Nicholson, Tom Morello – Earth rabbit

    Paul Newman, Arnold Schwarzanegger, Yuzo Koshiro, Harvey Keitel – metal dog day

    Dirk Kuyt, Ray Park – fire monkey day

    Wes Borland, David Nalbandian, sexy blonde from ace of base, Traa Daniels, – wood monkey day

    Scarlett Johanson (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm) – Metal monkey day

    Crispin Glover, Siouxsie Sioux (siouxsie and the banshees) – earth pig day

    Samuel L Jackson – metal dragon day

    The most interesting thing for me here is that I have a large list of people I like who are born in the day of the wood snake. The only person I like who is famous is John Travolta and he is the day of the wood snake.

    So, it seems that the most liked people for me are usually Metal Horse, Wood Snake (despite the above list), Wood Pig, Metal Pig, Wood Monkey, Water Rat and Metal Dog.

    I've briefly done a list of people I don't really like and so far I have a big list of fire ox day people who I can't stand to be around.

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