What does the fixed element of the year sign mean?

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for instance Metal?
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    it depends on your sign and element by year, but generally, the traits of the fixed element are included in the sign's general description.
    • Thanks, I guess what I am confused about is:

      My year (1957) Fire Rooster
      My Month (March) is Water Rabit
      My Day (15) is Fire Dog
      and hour is Wood Horse

      Year Element is Fire
      Polarity Yin
      and Fixed Element of the Year Sign is Metal

      I don't understand difference between the Year Element and the "Fixed" Year Element.

      And, from western Astrology I think I can relate to the elements of Fire, Water, etc.. , but Wood and Metal.... I do not understand.

      Most of the general descriptions (I have been able to find) do not include the specific combinations of element and sign. I have only found descriptions for the signs like Rooster, Hourse, etc.

      I have been able to deduce that Fire (Year Element) and Metal ("Fixed" Year Element) are not compatible and trying to find details on that.
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        well, yes, that's what I meant. When you read the traits for your year sign, they also include the traits induced by the fixed element. For instance, I'm a Snake. The fixed element of the Snake is fire.

        Fire is- just like in Western astrology - associated with energy, ambition, optimist, grandeur, lust for life etc, etc, and so on, and so forth.

        BUT the Snake being a Yin sign, it's not manifested directly and openly, meaning the Snake's fire burns within, which translates into some of the traits you'll usually find in the Snake Year description-like emotionalism, depth, patience, cold and calculated judgment, ambition, desire of wealth etc.

        There are no separate traits for your fixed element. The traits of your fixed element ARE the traits of your year sign. It's just like Western Astrology.

        In western astrology, signs are divided into elements and modes of expression. It's not like...there's the sign of Aries, and then there's also Mutable Mode, Fixed Mode, earth element. etc. No. Aries IS the Cardinal expression of the Fire element, and has certain traits due to that.
        • Oh, OK, Can you give me an analogy for the Metal element. I am confused because I don't see Metal as a "natural" element like Water, Fire, etc.

          Thanks Mantis
          • metal is like earth in that it is natural. Just not in a refined state except for some metals like gold. Thus earth can refine or create metal. But metal does exist in a natural state. Gold and silver are both good examples of this. Fire is the detriment of metal yes. Metal thus when heat is applied creates water which however puts fire out. The elements in general balance themselves out or rather in nature seek balance. SO we tend to seek that which we need and thus find our "lucky" element.
            THERE's something more for you to explore thusly.
            • LOL, yeah you are right... Thanks Christopher
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                It's not quite as simple to explain the five elements of chinese astrology compared to the four of western

                With western its easy air sign people are talkative, go out clubbing, love something that stimulates their mind and love relationships, water signs are shy, passive, dreamier, love to express art introvertedly, fire sign love action, agressive hobbies (gym, fighting, high impact sports) and also love to talk and joke and laugh.... and argue. earth sign people are workers, serious, quieter and like to be stimulate intellectually but in a more philosophical way than the airs.

                I know so far that the wood elements in chinese astro are people that want to expand and grow so they make use of everything thats around them
                I think metal people are generally associated with steely strength and determination. They are stoic but will never back down. somewhat inflexible too

                I can sort of relate to my year sign being the wood ox. I'm a serious self centered loner but my wood element gives me a more social and experimental nature with people and a natural comfortableness to work with others. I play the not-so obvious leader in social exercises by commanding through ideals and bringing everyone into the matter.
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            "My year (1957) Fire Rooster
            My Month (March) is Water Rabit
            My Day (15) is Fire Dog
            and hour is Wood Horse "

            Hey jus wana know how do u get the above information?? i mean i knw the element related to my year (fire tiger), i knw my month animal, day animal and also hour animal but how did u find out the elements for those???

            can you pls help me with that? perhaps a link or sumthng?? Coz i've been trying really hard to find that out with no luck,

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        All the elements are part of the same process: Life.

        I imagine cooking rice over a campfire: air/earth(the ground ) wood, fire, metal (cast iron) pot filled with water and rice covered with a wood lid. Boil the water, the rice absorbs (fire, metal, water). Then serve with wood paddle put in bowl (earth), eat (wood chopsticks) into body (fire, wood, water, metal)

        growing rice paddy: earth, water, fire (sunlight), metal (minerals), wood (plants)

        Brain, Media, Poetry, Music, Technology,Medicine, Alchemy: China, 2008
        Brain, Media, Poetry, Music, Technology, Medicine, Alchemy: England, 2012
  • mine's Fire.

    here is a description I got from a free chinese sample a while ago:

    Your fixed element is Fire

    Dynamism coupled with decisiveness is one of the primary qualities associated with Fire. Since you are a yin (Snake-sign) person, this may not be readily apparent. Your decision making style is likely to be calculating, but that does not diminish the fact you are not afraid to go after what you want. And, with your mental abilities, you probably don't take that long with your deliberations. Finally, it should be said your dynamism tends to manifest itself more as mental rather than physical activity.

    Charisma and flamboyance are other traits common to Fire-sign people. This is a significant factor in the almost magical charm you might possess as a Snake-sign person. This also contributes to your leadership potential and ability to inspire other people. Although you might tend to generally tone down your appearance, you can and do create a commanding package when you choose to make your mark.

    Fire's passion and enthusiasm enhance all these capabilities. There is usually an intensity characterizing your efforts, especially when it comes to intellectual activity. This probably manifests itself by your desire to acquire an in depth knowledge of subjects that interest you.

    A downside of your dynamism and passion is a tendency to be impatient and to have a quick temper. Coupled with your dynamism this could also result in your occasionally rushing into a situation without having thought through the consequences of your action.

    As Fire spreads until it is actively opposed, you are likely to have unbounded ambition. As a Snake-sign person this especially manifests itself in you by an almost insatiable appetite for learning new things and having new experiences. In fact Fire bestows on you a sense of adventure in general. The Snake is a karmic sign, which means you are likely to experience extreme highs and lows in your life. Fire provides you the ambition to advance your self ever higher and also the willingness to take risks, which could lead you to some of those lows.

    Your Fire is of the negative or yin variety, thus infusing in you the warmth of a fireplace rather than the white heat of a forest fire. This is reflected in your sensuality, which could be remarkable.

    Fire can warm if controlled or burn when not. It contributes to your dark side in that generally, more than people of other signs, you are likely to harbor grudges and seek revenge when you feel you have been wronged. Mess with Fire and you could get burned.

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