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I'm a water Monkey but I have this preocupation with snakes. I hear they are supposed to be very charming and beautiful and I am always trying to test this theory but meeting snakes. Any snakes out there? Do you like Monkies?
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  • Monkeys are the secret friend s of snakes. Usually it means the monkey likes the snake for the relationship to work. Monkeys usually get along intellectually very well, but if there is no physical satisfaction in the relationship it will go sour. I have a monkey partner at present and it's ok for now. Try not to let envy split things up.
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      in your relationship who is envious? You or the Monkey?
      • The monkey capricorn woman is envious of the attention I draw from other women who can't help but fall under my spell. Dear things can't blame them being a yin (female) water serpent MALE how could they not love me ;-) Oh did I mention Leo also? They can't help themselves LOL. Good thing I learned to take advice from others now and again. Truly though my monkey partner should realize she has nothing to fear just so long as she works as hard as I do at our relationship. All will thus be well. At least she's trustworthy LOL.
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    How is it that u like Snakes? What's your horary Ascendant?

    I have the same thing about Tigers, despite the fact that I'm a Snake with a Rooster Ascendant, and am supposed to hate them. I've considered the fact that maybe universal hour and not local hour should be taken into account when calculating the horary Ascendant, in which case my Ascendant would be the Monkey, not the Rooster. That would explain my attraction for Tigers...
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      I'm not sure of my universal ascendant or how to calculate it. But my local ascendant is the dog. The western equivilant of the snake is Taurus and the equivilant of the monkey is Leo. The equivilant of the dog is Libra. Leo (monkey) and Taurus (snake) are square eachother. So I guess that I am not supposed to lke them but I do. However, Libra (dog) and Taurus (snake) are both ruled by Venus which is probably why I find common ground.

      But I would like to know more about this universal ascendant. Can you tell me how you calculated yours.
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        well, I read it on my chart. It's right there, underneath the personal birth data: "local time", and underneath that, "universal time"
    • Playing with Tigers CAN be dangerous. Personally I want nothing to do with Tigers...........dangerous for the tiger that is heh. There's NOTHING so lethal as the venom of a yin water serpent.............maybe you're seeing if you can master the tiger? Cut the tiger to pieces with your venemous wit and really hit home and they'll slink away....beaten!
      Really tigers and pigs are nothing you want to fool with. I learned this through experience now I want nothing to do with them. Ever.
  • You say you’re a water monkey, so then your 16? Bryan
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      That's right. I'll be turning 16 in March.
      • Your attraction to snakes is likely they are so gorgeous and sexy.It's just that simple. Just realize that in nature it is the predators who are the most attractive. IF you do not understand the snake, and likely only oxen and roosters really do....then you run the risk of being tossed away by the serpent (at worst) after the sexual fireworks are over and the serpent realizes there is nothing in the realm of emotional compatibility to make the relationship work. OR else you will be excessively jealous of the roosters and oxen who will be compelled to be pals with your snake.
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          well I don't have one snake in particular to be jealous of. I mean snakes, as a whole, I admire. Besides I'm a monkey, I hardly get jealous and even if I did it would probably evaporate into thin air in .5 seconds. If anything I would think that a snake would be jealous. Monkies are all over the place with many friends and interests. Snakes are the jealous and possesive ones. But I like the snake qualities of grace and intellegence the most.
          • Snakes ARE possessive, agreed. But this is the charm and means of loving their mates. How can you NOT be possessed with a charming lovely sexy wild animal twined about your body?
            As to jealousy, well perhaps, I can't really speak for anyone else as that is a subjective thing specifically. Be aware that any snake is pretty many are gorgeous and every one has some command of love. Snakes tend to be not jealous dear one, they simply will discard anyone who isn't totally fascinated with them. Why cast pearls before swine? We don't.
            It is the intellectual side of love that most attracts a monkey. Since jealousy is illogical that isn't part of their makeup. But again this is a sterling example of snake being misunderstood. THIS is why sakes get so turned off with Monkeys specifically. They think they are so clever to project emotions onto others they would rather not deal with. Snakes look like a good patsy. We aren't and being a rat ascendant I can tell you I'm JUST as wily as any Monkey on that score. I'm so good at that. But there is a downside to that miss. Projecting onto others means you never get to experience others as they really are...........Oh and grace well, in western astrology I am a saturn in Libra perfect balance so much so I am cool and placid on the outside ALWAYS in perfect emotional balance. But inside I am a totally wild animal a lethal viper. I am a Leo water serpent and I specialize in bone-chilling sexual escapades which leave my lovers limp and in bliss. My current lover finds me...perfect! And she is a monkey! Leo Black water snakes personify lust.......... (maybe its the total package of brains charm grace sex and cleverness she likes). Not very modest am I LOL. But this IS the internet where one can be frank! Confession is good for the soul.
            Thing is that Monkeys that never settle down with anything don't because Love is an intellectual exercise to them. Trust me it isn't. My Capricorn monkey re-evaluated that side of herself...........
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              You absolutley right. In that your not modest. Its just like a Leo to boast about themselves. I am an aries monkey. I have no patients to be jealous no matter how attractive someone is. And if they will only stick around me becuase of how much I admire them, then sorry not my kind of person. In fact I really avoid people like that.

              The snakes I have encountered have been sweet and appealing. Not at all the type of people who look down their nose at everyone (which seems to be the type of person you are describing). What I admire most about snake is not their sexual appeal. It's their grace, poise, intellegence and most of all their manners. I mean yes I find people physicaly attractive but if that's all they have believe me I will suddenly see the ugliness of the inside--on the outside.
              • I'm absolutely right about everything. And no one will follow along with anyone who dosen't LIKE them. You are intellectualizing love and that is in error. And no one will hang around anyone who dosen't like them. Trust me miss IF we met and you were not interested in me for any reason there would be no relationship. THE Monkey trait in regards to any monkey/snake relationship. In general I direct my relationships as the LOVEE not the LOVER, and if you aren't interested that is not my loss by any means. Personally who cares? Not I. Thank you. Be well. A self directed aries monkey....sure is something hah!
                Well all Leo's boast about themselves miss. The difference is I have something to boast about and do you? Besides it being obvious you don't fall in love but are intellectual and practical instead. Sounds chilly to me, and is. I don't look down my nose at people at all, miss and there is another case of your projecting onto others again. Keep up this chat and it will be easy to see what the issue is, if you can face the truth.
                I am very sweet and appealing. My nickname at work is sweet pea and I'm a guy LOL. You are encountering my logical mind because that is what YOU are miss not what I am.
                This is specifically what goes on IN a relationship between snakes and monkeys. There is intellectual ground but nothing passionate. So my advice miss is you find a nice leo rat and bed him. I'm only a rat ascendant but I am a water viper leo much too much for dear monkey to manage so she should not try to do so.
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                  Okay then. I have to say that you are not right about everything you just said. Maybe when it applies to you, yes, but to the rest of snakes I would have to say no. I get what you mean about being interested in eachother but when someone only wants to be told how great they are all the time no! I can't keep reasurring people it gets really annoying. I can't be with a snake who thinks that I should bow don't him all the time simply because he is beautiful. Trust me beauty fades and when you don't have the personality to back it up then you just loos it all faster.

                  As for being intellectual I would have to say yes I am. But that does not mean that I don't know love. What you are talking about it submission. Snakes cannot charm me to be their slave. Period.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    What a monkey should realize is that the monkey does not understand the snake. This is the truth. I discuss how nice and charming I really am and what I get back is something else. TRUST me if you do not appreciate a snake you will find he will (or has) cast you away for someone who will appreciate him. There are simply too many nice roosters and dragons EVEN dogs and YES YES YES oxen who will appreciate him. You sound as if "bowing down" to someone is a problem. Miss LOVE, real love has no pride. This is yet another example of Monkey intellectualizing an EMOTION. Aries headstrong at that! What you have done miss is simply confirm what everyone else knows about Monkeys. For sure everyone who reads this set of posts will agree, yes snakes are just like that and Leo snakes are exactly how he describes them. So I have simply been honest with myself and honest TO everyone else as well as you. What i detest about Monkeys is that they intellectualize an emotion, and the crux of the reason snakes prefer to accept a monkey as mate only if monkey will get off their attitude. As you refuse to "Bow Down" as you put it miss, you will find no one will bow down to you either.
                    I am in reality just as nice and sweet a snake as any, perhaps more so. Water serpents are the sweetest of the sweet. Actually I'm done here I have quite brilliantly outlined as to how Monkeys are, and you have fully fallen for it as you have shown us all. Trust me you'd be MUCH better off with a Leo rat, who will simply put up with your bossiness and critical sharp tongue. I have simply drawn you out, and it couldn't have been more unpleasant to expose how monkey women really are. I never said I need to be told how great I am all the time, again you project yourself onto me. I am simply not having that miss. I regret you think you are so clever as to make a fool of me. Personally I never do that to other people and were I you I would recuse myself from such behaviors.
                    The TRUTH miss is that snakes will be nice and friendly and have nice intellectual discussions with you and simply find other more compatible people to have a relationship with. I let you have a glimpse into the real world of how the snake thinks and you react like a prideful headstrong and bossy young lady who has a lot to learn about the way other people really are.
                    • Oh and the rooster ascendant makes you confrontational in nature. It's also why you feel an attraction to snakes. And a Leo snake would be the best type for you. It's a shame you have to show the worst side of the rooster behavior, the confrontational side. Do you really have a position to defend? Against what? The pain that you cause others by confrontation? If the ultimate goal is to be disliked and alone I'd say that you will win that one. Not my goal though. You have this field all to yourself, I've said my piece and will now retire having stated my case. I'd say your traditionalist way of behavior will hold you back this year. Being confrontational is something you REALLY want to avoid in future with anyone who is either a potential ally or else is too dangerous to confront.
                      Myself I'd like this tribe to be a fun place without any personal attacks. So when do you think you want to start being nice? Now?
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                        "it couldn't have been more unpleasant to expose how monkey women really are."

                        what do you mean? How am I exactly? I am described by all my friends and random people I know as being a "peach". That is typical of the water monkey to be sweet and I am. Not to metion my libra ascendant that makes me diplomatic. I don't know where you got the rooster from. I was born at 7:28 pm which would make my ascendant a dog.

                        You are more prideful than I am (typical leo trait). I don't think I was being mean in all that I have said. The only thing I did was disagree with you. You seem to think that snakes are more exaulted than the rest of us. You talk about snakes as if they should be worshipped all the time. It's you who keeps saying that monkies are "this and that". I was just stating that I can appreciate snakes for all their attributes but if they expect me to act like their follower--well--I will not. Remember I am an Aries, A leader.
                        • Ok. You're a leader. You're a peach. Fine yes long life to you miss. Ok you're a nice person. I'm a nice person too. But one of us would lead and one of us would follow. Since neither of us would follow each other there would be nothing but what we are having which is a discussion. Why disagree in order to provoke someone? Leo water snakes are not ever led by others they do not trust that easily. You have been projecting upon me in this discussion which I suspect is your usual mechanism to lead others. I however am just a bit wiser than that and do not trust others quite so easily. I thus do tend to overdo but thats just me. Enjoy the extra fruit then.
                          ONE way to put the Leo serpent is he has a swollen skull that just won't quit. Of course that is written by someone other than a snake. Truth is that all snakes contain the wisdom of the ages. Mine is a highly perfect mind, but it is NOT for offering these fruits are mine alone.
                          I thought you said you were a rooster ascendant. Ok the Dog attraction would be a love at first sight kind of thing with serpents.
                          It however is unpleasant to deal with someone who points out things that just are not there.
                          EVERYone needs to be appreciated. If you do not appreciate others they will disappear. I know a few roosters born 1981 for instance who think nothing of spouting off exactly what is on their minds about anyone at any time. Thus they are in trouble when it comes to relationships.
                          What you have found with me is someone who is very likeable but will not just roll over and bow down as you put it. I agree I might be thought to be something of a challenge in that respect. But mine is the fruit of the knowledge of many many things? Here is something I found about water serpents you might like to read
                          Water snakes are like a stroke of spring breeze spreading freshness and happiness wherever they go. From music to dance to laughter, water snakes are just brimming with life. People of this nature have remarkable wisdom and known to be very deep logical thinkers. They live long and prosperous lives. On the right brain they are very imaginative people and on the left brain they make the most rational and practical decisions. Water snakes career lives are also very strong, starting out small and further on making it big time. People of this nature make excellent companions for life. They are very romantic people and lead quite stable love lives once they decide to settle down.
                          But to experience these gifts you have to be nice miss. I don't just talk for it's own sake. My statements are based on long decision making processes. They are not meant to be disagreed with strictly. Unless I'm wrong. If so i freely apologize.
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                            "The spunky Monkey is the original party animal! Charming and energetic, Monkeys crave fun, activity and stimulation. They truly know how to have a good time and can often be seen swinging from one group of friends to another, attracting a motley crew in the process. Always upbeat, they are considered minor celebrities in their circle thanks to their sparkling wit and that rapier-sharp mind. Perhaps surprisingly, Monkeys are also good listeners and tackle complicated situations with ease. This Sign's natural curiosity lends it the desire to become knowledgeable on a broad range of topics. Monkeys have a show-off side that loves nothing more than to dazzle their pals with all they know. "

                            Here's another one
                            "Always the center of attention, this headline grabber likes to be noticed, by everybody. This alienates some people because after all, others would like the spotlight once in a while, too. Others willingly gravitate towards the Water Monkey, recognizing a natural born leader when they see one. The Water Monkey is very sensitive to criticism and tends to hide behind an iron mask to protect from barbs, insults, and unkindness which might come their way. They need to control themselves to gain the respect of others. If they use their talent properly, they will become prosperous and know fully the Good Life. The passage of time will be very kind to them. They will know great happiness in their golden years. They will never know what loneliness is because children just love being with the Water Monkey. They will accompany them on their journey all the way"

                            I don't know why you keep saying that I project all my ills on you. I am just calling it like I see it. And again I am not trying to be mean I just hate when people brag about them selves. Do you know much about western astrology like moon signs and stuff? I realise that at times I can be harsh (scorpio moon and mercury in aries) but what I have said to you was not mean. Nor am I pointing fingers. Lets just agree to disagree. Snakes and Monkies are fabulous but in very different ways.
                            • Ok I'm a luna Capricorn Moon in Capricorn. Nobody's second fiddle. Yes I am a wiz at astrology. Many many things...... Psst don't tell people you hate them or "just hate it" they won't like you. As you did to me. OK I'm sure everyone will be extra careful they don't set you off. As for me just walk on by. Got it? We agree that I'm not interested. You know children think they know it all? It's amazing how competent they are.
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                                I see. Well I never said I hated you. I think you hate me. You are taking this conversation to heart more than I am. And what makes you assume that I am a child?
                                • Nothing further to say miss. goodbye.....just isn't worth discussing anything. Bye. Got a long life and a wide world to live in.
                                  • Fact is I just wanted to be friendly. I'm sorry I disturbed you. I thought you wanted to be friends. So I hope you meet who you want.
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                                      You wanted to tell me how great you are not to be my friend.
                                      • Ok well you wanted to discuss your obsession with snakes. Here read this. It'll state my case.


                                        Put that with the water snake attributes and you get me. Ok? I didn't say I want to be your friend. I said I wanted to be friendly. The real truth is behind my cool exterior lies a wild predatory animal I wouldn't provoke. You want to get to know a REAL snake. Well?
                                        • a leo water snake is not a scorpio water snake, i.e. not all snakes act the same

                                          i dont feel like a predator, i enjoy silence, music and solitude, but if you stand on me you get both the bite of the snake and the sting of the scorpio
                                          • Yes Ozai well the girl was clearly provoking me. Monkeying around.
                                            You say you don't feel like a predator but if someone stands on you then well you respond like a dual predator. Interesting. Myself I maintain a very cool placid exterior. Just like any snake. But yes the Leo sun makes it a wild animal inside, Definitely not ever tame-but quite a viper. BUT this side just remains in the realm of emotional control. Unless truly provoked. In effect this is VERY similar to scorpio in nature. In fact the serpent used to be an ancient symbol of scorpio. And being a black water yin serpent born in 1953 this puts me definitely in the water realm ( and very good with women). So there it is. She wants to meet a snake maybe she'll like you better than I. You're welcome to her. I'm obviously not what she wants as she has been anything but friendly towards me.
                                            For the record I would really prefer if people would not make blanket judgements about snakes nor emotionally project their own emotional states either. (being a past master at projection I am only too aware). I warn you however Simone has a very discordant Mars Venus combination which may be difficult to manage as regards relationships. Thought you should know the full truth. Might be a really good year for her when she decides to be really nice to people, and not just about what she wants for herself.
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                                              "I warn you however Simone has a very discordant Mars Venus combination which may be difficult to manage as regards relationships."

                                              What do you mean? How are my venus and Mars discordant? They are actually in rather peaceful signs. Again, I really have no idea what you are talking about I have never been mean in any of my posts. At most we just have a difference in opinion.
                                              • Ok here is a bit of snake wisdom. Snakes make excellent astrologers Simone. What I am going to tell you is very important and something you should be aware of.
                                                Mars and Venus are the "Love signs" of the western zodiac. Since you went to the trouble to post your complete horoscope, likely as anything you will want to know what some of it means beyond what your ascendant is or planetary positions. Ok here goes.
                                                Mars is in Aquarius Venus is in Pisces. Both are in peaceful signs true but they do not go as well together as some combinations. Same thing goes with mixtures in astrology such as Aries goes well with Leo and Sagittarius and the air signs. Your Mars is in an air sign and your Venus is in a water sign-Pisces. Put it this way Aquarius and Pisces do not usually get along but they are in your horoscope. Thus they are in an exotic placement so to speak. It means you are not usually the person in control of your relationships. hat you should strive to do is mete out a balance between your "self" and your desires rather than just managing relationships so to speak. Look for very stable people to go along with nothing "wild" as you could fall prey to a less stable person.
                                                It is said that people with compatible Mars and Venus fare better in relationships. Best to be aware of this and act with some circumspection when it comes to others-until you know them to be stable people and not act emotionally because that goes against your mind, and you later regret your emotional behaviors. Best to have a friend tell you whether someone else is good for you. It means you have pisces tendencies with an aquarian approach to relationships. Mars is the means Venus is the self, for a woman. I can expand on this if you like there is more to tell.
                                                • Basically a Mars and Venus combination in compatible signs such as earth and earth or earth and water or water and water or air and air or fire and fire or fire and air are what would be stable. I have a unique understanding of the subtleties of these combinations as I had a book years ago which had the breakdown of these combinations in detail.
                                                  Ok we disagreed. I agreed not to be led and you agreed not to be led.....hmm tell you what find a nice aquarius in a compatible eastern astrology sign with a venus and mars both in Aries ok? This should suit you best. Now don't say I never gave you sage advice and set you right ;-)

                                                  (HINT: Now miss the PROPER response here would be to thank me kindly for this help.)
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                                                    Just so you know I was clear that there is somthing beyond Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in western astrology. Thank you for the insight its much appreciated. Good bye and good riddens.
                                            • > You say you don't feel like a predator but if someone stands on you then well you respond like a dual predator. Interesting.

                                              enviroment has a lot of influence on how i feel, these days i live a peacefull life, im out of the way of most people and big cities, i dont need to go too much out of my way to get what i need.

                                              maybe if i lived in a city i would feel the preadator within more

                                              however, if you somehow find the way into my gates or inner circle and decide to make my life miserable, you would have to endure a good fight

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