What does it mean if you have a weak day master

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I found out that I'm a weak yang metal dragon by day. I was able to find descriptions of geng (yang metal) stem and of dragon branch but I did not know how being weak would affect these qualities. I heard Red Jack's theory of dependence vs independence, but I wanted to know more.
I found this description of a Joey Yap book that is all about yang metal and part of the description said this:

How Geng are you?

If you're a Geng Metal Day Master, you are likely to exhibit the majority of the traits that is highlighted in the book. If you're not a Geng Metal Day Master but you have the Geng Metal as one (or more) of the Heavenly Stems in your BaZi chart, then you're likely to exhibit these tendencies in lesser degrees. Alternatively, it suggests that you have the potential or inclination to exhibit these tendencies in specific situations and contexts only.

In BaZi, the concept of STRONG or WEAK elements plays a big role in determining how 'Geng' you are.

So bear in mind that even if you are a Geng Metal Day Master, whether or not you display the traits covered here to a greater or lesser degree depends very much on the strength and quality of your Day Master. The Day Stem is but one part of the chart, and there are 3 other Stems and 4 Earthly Branches to consider in your complete chart. These other parts of the chart will influence the strength and quality of your Day Master.

These factors are too varied and complex to be discussed here in a simple book (it is, however, a fundamental section of my professional BaZi courses and Destiny Code series of books). Suffice to say that to read and understand this particular book, you merely need to be aware of this concept. If your Day Master is strong, you'll exhibit MORE of these tendencies or traits outlined in the book. If your Day Master is weak, you'll exhibit less of these traits.

Do keep in mind that this book shows you the traits of the Geng Metal Day Master in general, and doesn't take into account the particularities of your entire BaZi chart! Having said that, nothing beats getting a complete BaZi consultation from a professional, or taking a full BaZi course and learning the interpretation skills completely for yourself.

BaZi Astrology is a study that helps us understand ourselves, make better decisions, and ultimately, enables us to shape our life for the better. With these pocket-sized books, I hope to make BaZi a relevant a part of your life - and may the knowledge that you gain serve you in all of life's endeavours.

All the best in your BaZi studies... and here's to discovering what the Geng Metal person is all about!

Here is the link to the page from which I got the above text:

So after reading that description of how weak and strong affects the daymaster I now feel like a castrated yang metal dragon. It sounds like something that diminishes thestrength of ones essence.

What do other people make of this?
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    Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

    Sun, August 15, 2010 - 12:36 AM
    Red I think you actually said interdependent not dependent
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      Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

      Sun, August 15, 2010 - 12:12 PM
      Yes, interdependent and independent is like playing a team sport or playing a one on one sport.

      It's probably better to play a team sport if you are interdependent since you can draw strength from others around you, albeit through peer pressure or fan support. One on one sports you need to be left to your own devices and need to be able to zone in and concentrate on yourself.

      Sorry I havem't spoke to you much Oskar. I've not had the energy to write on forums lately due to job demands and stuff.
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        Yeah I'm keen to know more but of course you have your own life, you are not my private astrology tutor. So yeah its exciting to hear things you say about my bazi but you have otherthings to do I understand that.
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          Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

          Mon, August 16, 2010 - 11:04 AM
          I love hearing about when someone has real interesting into looking further into it. It's not for the faint hearted though. I'm struggling to get my head around some aspects still because I've started looking at Chinese Medicine again which uses the same concepts of Chinese Astrology with the five elements.

          My take on it is this.

          A strong daymaster sounds better because we as westerners interpret strong as powerful, superior, muscley, heroic and all that.

          However, I have a strong daymaster and ever since identifying with it I don't think a weak or strong daymaster is better than the other so long as you know how to apply yourself. Chinese Astrology was also intended for people to better understand themselves and know where to improve certain aspects of their life.

          A strong daymaster depends on a few factors. The element of the Daymaster needs to be either strong or prosperous in the month of the birth. Being yin fire I was born in May which is considered a fire month universally. Also, if you look at the rest of the elements in your four pillars some of the elements weaken you while some elements strengthen you. for instance, you are yang metal. Any other yang or yin metal in your chart represents peers or to be more exact, rob wealth or the friend star. More of these makes you more social or competitive with people and therefore influences interdependancy. Did that make sense? Damn, I think I'll make a blog on this because it's not easy to explain without typing out looooads of stuff.
          I haven't done much researching or comparing notes lately but I think if I was a weaker daymaster my daymaster traits would not be so common all the time.
          My theory on it so far is because a weak daymaster is interdependant, it just means you do not need all your individual traits since friendship and rivalry encourages people to fit in more and are better at compromising their beliefs and thoughts.
          I know that my strong daymaster has hindered me from ever being popular because I rate individuality and self righteousness high.
          I also found that when I was going to Tae Kwon Do tournaments a lot and competing, I was better off not listening to my instructors advice and crowd support as it often hindered my chances of winning. A more interdependant personality will thrive on the instructors advice and the crowd support.

          There are a few other factors that determine daymaster strength. Being born at a certain time of day can weaken or strengthen a daymaster element I think...
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            Mon, August 16, 2010 - 12:35 PM
            "I know that my strong daymaster has hindered me from ever being popular because I rate individuality and self righteousness high. "

            I am a weak day master, too, and I rate individuality very high, as well..or dunno how weak I am, really. I just know I read that a Yin Metal Day Master(like me) born in the month of the Rabbit(like me) is weak.

            On another site, I read metal day masters born in spring are "trapped", whatever that means...
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              Trapped is the weakest really. Prosperous is strongest.

              So you are yin metal sheep aren't you? Lemme think...... so do you have much metal and earth in your four pillars? If so then maybe you have a weak daymaster. The element producing you (earth) is resources and a person is weakened by the indirect and direct resources which mean life lessons and lessons directly from people in terms of being taught knowledgeable things. Since these two stars require the knowledge to shape a person it does weaken the persons independency and makes them more interdependent again.

              Also, it depends on where the 10 stars happen to I suppose. Now that my hour is the gui mao (water rabbit) pillar I know my yin fire has to face up to the yin water in later life and in some ways means I will be facing 7 killings or Qi Sha.
              • hmm..I don't remember is there was any "prosperous" season for metal, but it did say summer is "weak"...for the metal day masters. weak sounds worse than "trapped"...

                no, I think I have too little earth and metal. Well, just average quantities, really..according to that link I posted in the thread about Fire people..

                I have 0% Water, 14% Earth, 17% Metal, 20% Wood, and 47% Fire.

                Where'd you read about this stuff? Really? So maybe me having little earth explains why I am so..."unpolished", unshaped by society? lol. I feel like I was raised by wolves, really. I have very little sense of propriety or shame.
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            Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

            Mon, August 16, 2010 - 11:21 PM
            I think I need to study the cycles of production and destruction and also the elements that comprise the various animals. How do I know if an element is weak in a certain month? The relationship between the elements seems to be one of the key fundemental concepts to understand. I guess I am caught up in the whole weak is bad strong is good thing because I would much rather have a strong day master, its all about the ego really isn't it and insecurity. How would a yang metal dragon be compared to say a yang metal sheep? or a strong yang metal sheep vs a weak metal tiger? so many different factors to take into account and hoe to know what factor is causing what effect.
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              Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

              Tue, August 17, 2010 - 12:00 AM
              I found out that my mum also has a yang metal daymaster, yang metal horse. The same as Mohammed Ali. One of my friends with whom I have quite a tense and rivalrous relationship is yang metal tiger by day, he was actually the person that introduced me to chinese astrology. It was interesting because when he saw me he thought I was a tiger and at that stage i thought I was a rabbit, didn't know anything about for pillars or anything. After a while i found out I was actually a tiger. He was always talking up the dragon and saying he was the dragon, he relied on it for self-esteem. He doesn't want to hear anything about the day pillar representing you, because that means he would have to let go of the idea of him being the dragon. Its pretty funny, and even worse I would be able to claim myself that I am a true dragon. So he is dragon by year tiger by day and I am tiger by year and dragon by day but we are both yang metal daymaster. Its funny how these things work out. I think he will continue to filter out any information that says the daymaster refers to your core self.
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                That's a kinda cool turn of events there with your friend.

                The Dragon is quite similar to the Aries personality in a way... but more similar to the Aries moon too in a way. The Dragon (or Chen) stands for nobility, action, extraversion and they love going out. My sister is a yang fire dragon. My uncle Peter is a yang metal dragon. My long time friend since we were very young is yang wood dragon. A friend I made in TaeKwonDo is yang water dragon. A friend of a friend who is a casual friend (what a mouthful) is a yang wood dragon and....... hmmmm.... I could name quite a few famous people but the last person in my life who I know has a dragon is a former work colleague who has earth dragon daymaster.

                To be honest, looking at these people I know well the main similarity I notice with them is their friendliness but also slightly high strung. I notice the element much more in them. My friend with the water dragon has the same self less nature as other yang water people I know. The yang wood dragon people have that same confidence with being in front of people and showing leadership. The yang metal dragon of my uncle has the same fierce determination as the other yang metal people I know. They're the most willing to take a risk and start a business up. It does not surprise me that yang metal has been given the symbol of the axe.

                Mohammed Ali is great. Fierce determination once again FTW! Maybe as a weaker daymaster you may not show as much of the fierce determination as other yang metal people show. From what I've seen of the yang metal people, they can be so rough and ready in their pursuit of success or money or managing their career that it can have also a negative affect on their life too. Perhaps having a more interdependent personality with the yang metal is good for you since you are laid back enough to look into chinese astrology.

                But also, yes, the elements are good to familiarise with. Myself and Rebecca (particularly Rebecca) covered a lot of grounds in chinese astrology in quite a short space of time. That's why she made the Bazi tribe so that we could discuss it in a lot more depth.

                If you scan through the older topics you'll probably find loads of other things relating to this complicated subject. If you get confused by any of it just start a new topic in the bazi thread and either myself or Rebecca will give an explanation.

                Just to give you an idea of other element related topics: You should find yourself compatible with anyone you meet who has a yin wood daymaster. yang metal and yin wood are a good loyalty match. I should know this since my mum and her husband (my stepdad I guess) are very comfortable together since he is a yang metal rat and she is a yin wood rooster.
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                Wed, August 18, 2010 - 11:54 AM
                actually, a Sheep Day Master cannot be "Yang". Each sign is either Yang or Yin, and the Sheep is Yin.
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                  Wed, August 18, 2010 - 12:04 PM
                  Actually, and I believe I saw this posted on another thread, as well, the best matches are Yin and Yang of the same element.

                  So, being a Yang Metal Day Master, you are bound to feel most at home with Yin Metal Day Masters(like me..hehe.)

                  Each couple of Yin-Yang of the same element are held together by a feeling, and I remember for Metal Day Masters, it was loyalty, for Earth Day Masters, it was trust.

                  The people I usually feel most at home with are Yang Metal, even though I seem to have a soft spot for Yin Earth men..they are softies, which is something that intrigues me in a

                  My sister is a Yang Metal Dragon, my best friend is a Yang Metal Tiger, the colleagues I got along with best in high school were Yang Metal..
                  also, all of my sister's long-lasting relationships have been with Yin Metal men..(3 of them, to be more precise).

                  And, appart from the Yin and Yang combinations of the same elements, the ones you get along well with have to be the opposite polarity, at least. So, you having a Yang Metal Day Master, would get along best with people who are Yin Day Masters..they would complete you, instead of competing with you.
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                    Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

                    Wed, August 18, 2010 - 12:13 PM
                    also, don't get so caught up in this "weak day master" drama..the only thing that it can influence is your inner world, the way you view yourself.

                    My sister's husband was a weak yin metal day master and the guy was a friggin genius..had an iq of 174, could play the piano and guitar like a God, was appreciated as a photographer, and also had a degree in hardware engineering, won national programming competitions in high school, but was manic-depressive from an early age, and it ultimately killed him. he died of a heart-attack at 34.
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                      Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

                      Wed, August 18, 2010 - 11:55 PM
                      Man an IQ of 174 that is extremely high. The girl I am seeing at the moment is a yin metal ox by day. I feel really safe and comfortable with her but I don't have any of the sort of infatuation I have experienced before, that is a good and bad thing I think. It makes it more stable though. My friend that I had a strong rivalry with is a yang metal tiger and you would expect that a yangmetal tiger and yang metal dragon would clash right. I saw this cool movie today called "touch", it was really cool. The main guy was soft and gentle, he was a saint, probably yhe kind of guy you would really like, plus he is a mad babe, he looks really similar to johnny depp. I'm not gay I just appreciate beauty.
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                        Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

                        Wed, August 18, 2010 - 11:57 PM
                        What is your yang metal dragon sister like? how do you see this manifest in her character?
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                          Re: What does it mean if you have a weak day master

                          Wed, August 18, 2010 - 11:59 PM
                          what do you mean by a failed clockwork orange? and why do you have a picture of that serial killer guy? I like chikatilo and richard ramirez myself.
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                            Oh? That's interesting. Who has a pic of a serial killer and a failed clockwork orange? I'd like to know too lol. XD

                            I'm still going by this possible theory that compatibility with other peoples daymasters may work like the 10 stars.

                            For instance a yin metal and a yin metal would be like the friend star while a yin metal with a yang metal would be like the rivalry star or rob wealth as it is better known.
                            Mind you, I'm starting to see holes in this theory.

                            Oh Oskar! Something interesting to let you know. Have you ever heard of Richard and Judy? If you have or haven't you should look up those two and their daymasters. They have the exact same as you and your current girlfriend. Richard is a metal Dragon while Judy is a metal Ox.
                            Those two together prove that you may be onto a winner.
                            • "Oh? That's interesting. Who has a pic of a serial killer and a failed clockwork orange? I'd like to know too lol"

                              that would be me, Red..

                              "For instance a yin metal and a yin metal would be like the friend star while a yin metal with a yang metal would be like the rivalry star or rob wealth as it is better known.
                              Mind you, I'm starting to see holes in this theory. "

                              I don't know...Yin Metals are kind of annoyingly similar to me, but they're pretty cool, too. Unfortunately, haven't met any Yin Metal girls..I think they would be cool to hang out with. I like Lady Gaga. She's a Yin Metal Sheep, like me..hehe.

                              Well, I kinda feel a slight competition against Yang Metals, too, but it can be really fun..well, not with my sister. We're basically married. ahahahah. And she supported me when nobody else did, so I am forever loyal to her.

                              But with my friend, other Yang Metals, and even guys that are Yang Metals there is a bit of friction, at times. The thing is it never blows up with me, because I am a master manipulator...and I rarely take competition my mind, anybody can be useful to you, if you know how to finesse them. is that horrible of me? lol.
                              I must admit, hilariously enough, the people I feel I can really confide in the easiest are Yin Metal guys..Maybe it's just that people of the same gender always compete? Unless one of them is gay..

                              I also noticed I like Yang Fire people a lot..they're so natural, and wear their hearts on their's very refreshing.

                              Earth Day Masters, even if they may inspire infatuation, drive me nuts with their narrow-mindedness, and naivete..

                        • My sister is the most persistent and determined person I've met...except my father, maybe. My father is a Yin Earth(might have something to do with my attraction..) but he is more fickle, can hit highs and lows, just as easily..

                          My sister is incredibly constant, though. She was 1st in her class from the second grade to the 8th, then was 2nd in her class all throughout high school. Got reasonably high grades through University, as well..never saw her lose her temper. She is very ambitious in perfecting her intellectual skills, basically never backs down from an intellectual challenge.. She is a Wood Rabbit by Yeah, Metal Ox by Month, Metal Dragon by Day, and I think Earth Sheep by Hour...definitely a Sheep, but not sure if it's Earth.
                          She is also very humane and sensitive, thousands of books, speaks 2 foreign languages fluently, is now an IT expert..
                          She doesn't act all arrogant, like you'd expect from someone with her status..
                      • yeah, same with what I and infatuated don't mix. lol. I am infatuated by Yin Earth , Yang Metal makes me feel safe.
                        Though, I assume the actual signs involved matter in terms of how a relationship would work..Tiger and Ox are next to each other, so dunno, maybe they have too much in common to get infatuated.

                        Though, I don't know what yin sign would best match the Tiger..Tigers are usually sociable, extroverted, and adventurous, Yin signs are all subtle and have strong introverted sides, which makes them hard to read.

                        I don't know if Dragons and Tigers are more prone to clash with each other than any other Yang "pair"..well, I think there is a certain level of competition between any two separate individuals on this Earth, it's instinct, and it's natural. But if the guy actually tries to put you down or dominate you, I say ditch him, he's desperately insecure and probably has issues.

                        Never heard of the movie...might watch it.

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